This is SPARTAAAAA!! A new commemorative coin to enter circulation.

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Greece will soon issue 2 commemorative coins to mark 2500 years since the historic battle of Thermopylae, fought in 480 BC. The official announcement took place during the ”World Money Fair 2020,” which took place in Berlin from January 31 until February 3.

One of the two commemorative coins, which will soon enter circulation across the Eurozone has the value of just €2, and will depict an ancient Greek helmet on the national side. There will be just 735,000 coins released in to circulation and although only clad, will still be highly collectable.


The other one, and the one I'm more interested in, is a silver commemorative coin. This coin is not intended for general circulation, it has a nominal value of €10 and will be limited to a maximum mintage of just 3000 pieces.



I'm still waiting to find out prices and release dates, but the €2 coin would be a very nice surprise if it turned up in your change(euro zone).


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That does look like a nice bit of coinage.

How's it going with Mrs W?

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I hope I will be able to buy the 2 Euro at a coin shop, when I go to Spain next April. The 10 Euro should be very expensive.

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Sweet looking coin, I'm sure this won't be available in a Canadian retailer.
If the Greeks had the Whereforall of the Ancient Spartans they'd be out of the EU already. But nope, enslaved to Euro Debt.

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Come back with your shield; or on it.
Was this a scheduled post? I thought I'd be seeing some baby news in your next post.

That looks like a great one to collect, and would be most meaningful if you got both the clad and the silver, don't you think? I wonder if it will make it here to the US? Thanks for sharing, dude! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 (PS... waiting for an update on the new arrival!)

Really cool coinage. That silver one is really sweet!

Very classy two tone commemorative coin's my friend!😀

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