Coinbase: Watch And Earn Easy COMP ($9)

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Coinbase has listed COMP token to Coinbase Pro and Coinbase this week. When they list a new asset they want you to learn about the asset, what it is, how it works. This doesn't happen to all the new assets they add but COMP seems to be a special case.



Coinbase Earn is easy, rewarding crypto lesson

and it's available in 100+ countries.
Just go to Learn Compound page and watch these videos and take a quiz after each video. That is all.
They will send rewards directly to your wallet after the lessons.

You get to know more about COMP and get rewarded for completing the quizzes.
COMP is on the rise again so this could be a nice seed money for everybody.

But hurry!

This might not last forever so get over there now and get some COMP.
You can sign up for an account here if you don't have Coinbase.
If you like to know more about COMP Earn here.

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?



This is great information.
I am inviting you to post in the Community Banking and Finance, where your post about banking, finance and cryptocurrency will be rewarded.

I'm on the wait list. Soon perhaps.

You should get it soon!!! Yay :)

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