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SPInvest is one of the most interesting projects and shows the power of what is capable.

We are reared in a world, especially in the West, where success is most often thought of as an individual matter. People seek out their own success, often at the expense of the collective. This is most evident when you have politicians making decisions based upon their own best interest or corporations only caring about shareholder value.

The new system that is being created is offering a different view of this. Crypto-economics is providing a foundation of, what I believe, is a larger trend away from centralized entities that offer benefit only to a few.

On Steem, one of the first tribe to arise when Steem-Engine started offering them was @spinvest. This is a club that using STEEM to provide an ongoing growth path which enhancers the value of the token holders. Of course, that idea is just a starting point.

Ultimately, we are starting to see the SPInvest project becoming the epitome of collectivism. While this is something that I think is present in all cryptocurrency, it is hard to see it at that level. When focusing upon a smaller project like this one, it becomes more evident.

In short, whatever anyone does that is positive for SPInvest provides benefit to every single token holder. This result is the same regardless of whether one has 1 token or 1,000. Each person benefits since a positive input will help the community's value grow.

Since it was started, there are a number of other "arms" that were formed to help this. This was done by individuals who dedicate their time to assisting these aspects of the platform.

@spinvest-neo and @spinvest-leo are two accounts that are designed to create token streams for each tribe by curating content on those sites. This does a couple of things. To start, it helps those platforms by providing a decent sized account supporting the users. At the same time, the curation brings in a daily stream (paid 7 days later) of tokens that are being staked. Since this is part of the SPInvest family, it all adds to the value of the overall platform.

Individuals who are holding the SPI tokens receive this benefit.

Along these same lines, each person who delegated any tokens to either account is assisting. As most of us are aware, delegating helps to increase the voting value, which ultimately brings in a larger curation reward. It also makes the account a more powerful force within each of the associated tribes.

The latest addition was the idea of allowing for people to name a SPInvest account as beneficiary. This was set up to enable people to get the SPI token in exchange for a beneficiary reward on one's posts. Essentially, this is helping people to buy tokens out of their post's rewards.

Here is the post announcing that:


There are a few other ways that all are helped. When purchasing the SPI token, the STEEM that is acquired is put into the pool that is rented out. This provides a return based upon the leasing rates that are agreed to. It is the same whether one goes through Steem-Engine, direct to the SPInvest account or uses the new beneficiary system.

At the same time, all upvotes of SPI accounts assist. Each day, I do an upvote of at least one of the accounts on Steemleo. Using my LEO stake, I am able to contribute about 4 tokens per upvote. Once again, this only adds to the pie that is growing on a weekly basis.

As we can see, this system is helping everyone who is involved. Anyone can assist in many different ways. While some are doing more than others, each facet offers growth. A platform like this can use the monetary/economic basis of each member along with the time. Activity is just as important as those who are putting up tokens.

Right now there are 173 with at least some SPI in them. This is not a lot but each of those account's sees their holdings benefit from the action of each individual. Imagine for a second, if all 173 people contributed something on a daily basis to SPInvest. The ability of that many people all working in the same direction would accelerate things.

Of course, many got involved simply as a passive investment. All this means is the number of people who are involved needs to grow. As the tokens sold nears the 100,000 mark, we are seeing about 1/10th the total being distributed. There is still plenty of opportunity for the platform to expand and grow.

One final point that I noticed which should really excite people. The compounding nature of the entire Steem ecosystem is well known. With SPInvest, this is put on steroids as more facets are affected at one time. For example, each time my LEO stake increases, SPInvest seems its payout from my upvote go up. All the NEO I receive in payouts is delegated over to that account, helping to increase the vote value, this increasing the returns. Each time I buy some more SPI, that STEEM is leased out to further provide a return.

And on it goes.

Thus, with increased activity, we should see returns keep growing at even a greater rate than realized by individuals.

It is time we start helping others to move towards financial prosperity. Collectively, we all can make it happen.

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Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Excellent write up, i could not have wrote it better myself. You got everything in there.

If we had 20 people doing stuff daily, we'd be earning 1000 STEEM a week.

Some day for sure. Maybe a target for 2020 my friend

well you kicked my post to shreds, great post

It isn't a contest. All publicity for SPInvest is beneficial.

We need hundreds of articles and videos about the club.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Will definitely check out SPInvest. Thanks for sharing.

Great write up of the collective compounding benefits of @spinvest.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Good post, time to resteem this post!!!
Lets get this going!😀

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