Macrohard Hub Philippines - Innovation, Cryptocurrency, Programming; Are They Limited?

Another participant joins the Macrohard, even though we haven't fully opened. We were three in the video below and played around with analyzing innovation, cryptocurrency and programming using legitimate illiteracy to identify what untold limitations they have. Highlighting these limitations simplifies these complex niches a bit to the understanding of our participants.

I am pushing hard and preparing for our opening. Besides buying a split-unit air conditioner for the hub, i need to have published our first book titled 'Cryptocurrency & Money's Uselessness'.

The book will form our curriculum for the first month. Each chapter of the book, will contain curricular activities posed to introduce participants into the world of cryptocurrency without the complexity. Our approach to intimating our participants about the niche of 'cryptocurrency' will involve 'legitimate illiteracy'.

My aim is to release one book for each money. People can avail of the book to have access to the facilities of our hub. Whenever they participate fully and complete each curricular activities contained in the book for each money, which in itself will empower them, they will get a refund of their purchase amount and a bonus. Proceeds from the sale of these books will go towards sustain and evolving the Macrohard hub.

Macrohard will help in empowering uloggers globally by every measure, instilling them with a curriculum called 'legitimate illiteracy' and covering every niche, even the niche of programming as we will eventually create a programming language called 'Macrohard' written in 'legitimate illiteracy'.

I will soon resume fuller activity. I was able to bury my dad some 6 days ago, after 17 days past since he passed.

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