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@kingscrown is currently running a contest in which the participants are asked to write about Splinterlands and if you take a look at my blog you can see such a contest is right up my alley but what do I write about?

Do I write about the UNTAMED Edition that's currently available on the market for purchase? Do I write about the awesome airdrops? Do I give details of past but still relevant card Editions such as Alpha and Beta? Do I create a break down of the past two very successful Kickstarters? Should I give details about the Rewards cards that can be attained for free via playing ranked matches?

To me the answer was obvious ....... YES .... I do all those things.

First lets take a look at each Edition and their respective Editions supply. As you can see below there's a massive difference between the available boosters between the first edition (Aplha) and the current edition (UNTAMED). In fact UNTAMED has more boosters available for purchase than the first two Edition combined. While you may think 1.5 Million boosters is allot and you might be right to a certain degree on that, its important to note on how fast these boosters are selling. For example the UNTAMED Edition have only been openable for a few weeks and have already sold more Boosters than the full supply that Alpha had to offer.

EditionTotal Number Of Boosters

Splinterlands has gained massive success on the Steem blockchain and has also successfully reached out beyond the Steem Blockchain to introduce other cryptocurrency communities to the Splinterlands game. An example of such is the TRON community who were introduced to the Splinterlands game via the SEED campaign (A marketing campaign in which introduced new cards and players to the Splinterlands game). You can read all about the SEED campaign via clicking here.

Before we dig deeper into the past lets take a look at the current Airdrops on offer for those who have been or will be purchasing UNTAMED boosters. Fourteen airdrops in total are planned and a couple have already taken place but not too worry being included in these airdrops is an easy thing to accomplish. All one needs to do is buy some UNTAMED Boosters from the official Splinterlands site.

The First KickStarter

Lets take a walk down memory lane and look at the first Splinterlands kickstarter and how it benefited those who participated.

At the time the first kickstarter took place the Splinterlands game was called Steemmonsters and the kickstarter itself managed to get 274 backers who pledged $88,171.

The first kickstarter offered Alpha Boosters and exclusive cards that would only be available via the kickstarter itself. The Kickstarter offered multiple levels of entry (the higher the pledge, the greater the rewards). Lets take a look at some of those packages and the current value of each in today's market.

PackageKickstarter PriceToday's Value
Monster Gladiator Package: Starter pack, 25 beta packs, Dragon Whelping Runt Standard and Gold foil, Nen-Seni Standard, Royal Dragon Standard, and Shin-Lo Standard$25$96
Monster Recruit Package: Starter pack, 25 beta packs, Dragon Whelping Runt Standard and Gold foil, Nen-Seni Standard, Royal Dragon Standard, and Shin-Lo Standard$50$176
Monster Trainer Early Bird Package: Starter Pack, 110 Alpha Edition Packs, and the following cards in gold and standard foil- Dragon Whelping, Neb Seni, Royal Dragon Archer$200$991
Monster Master Early Bird // $800 Monster Master Packages: Starter Pack, 110 alpha packs, standard & gold foil versions of all 4 promo cards$600-$800$1672

As you can see some of the first Kickstarter participants had their pledge value returned to them FIVE times over. When we consider that almost everything else crypto releated has been in the red the past two years this is a remarkable feat.

: **The above Today's prices are a reflection of the cards value on the date of 8/21/19. That's the date the Kickstarter campaign uses when displaying ROI from the first kickstarter so I did the same for consistency. The total contributed amount above ($88,171) does not include private investments or contributes from other campaigns such as Fundition in which increase the contributed funds a considerable amount.

The Second KickStarter

I feel as Its too early to calculate profit numbers from the second Kickstarter but there's still lots of interesting stats to look at. The second Kickstarter promoted physical items and introduced us to the UNTAMED edition of cards. On the official Kickstarter webpage it shows 334 backers pledged $202,159.

PackageKickstarter PriceNumber Of Backers
DIGITAL ONLY$45146 backers

Just like the first Kickstarter the second was a massive success. As noted the first kickstarter took place when the game was still being called Steemmonsters. The second took place when the game was already rebranded to Splinterlands. This name change was designed to make the game more friendly to the wider cryptocurrency audience.

: **The total contributed amount displayed above ($202,159) does not include private investments or investments made from other campaigns such as Foundition in which increase the contributed funds a considerable amount.

Reward Cards

Reward cards are another Edition of cards that can be attained within the Splinterlands universe. These cards can only be attained via playing ranked matches or buying them directly from another player. The creators of the Splinterlands game DO NOT sell these cards in Booster packs. Like the paid for edition of cards, Reward Cards also have a limited supply. Once that supply is met the only way to get them will be from a private sale or on one of the many markets available that offer individual Splinterland cards for sale.

You might be wondering," Just how valuable are these FREE cards?". Don't let the fact that these cards are free fool you. Some of these reward cards are the more sought after and popular cards in the game. They range from being worth somewhere around a cent or two to being worth a couple hundred dollars. The prices of these and all other cards are always changing so who knows what they could be worth this time next year.

Promo Cards

That's right there's another edition of cards, Promo cards are cards that get introduced via special events. An example of such is the Promo card SHIN-LO in which could only be attained via participating in the first Kickstarter or buying one in a private sale from someone who participated in the first Kickstarter.


This mysterious Dragon from the other side of the world speaks in a language that none of the Splinterlands Dragons can understand. Since arriving he has caused fights with Lightning Dragons, City Dragons, Burrowing Dragons and even the great Gold Dragon himself. To the Dragons of the Gloridax Shin-Lo is merely a nuisance, sneaking up behind them and taking cheap shots whenever he can. **Lore taken from the official Splinterlands site.


Splinterlands has its own "tribe" (community). This community can be found at https://www.splintertalk.io and posting content from it will allow you to earn the official Splinterlands community token SPT (Splintertalk Token). The Splintertalk.IO site allows users to access and interact on the Steem Blockchain and is strictly for posting content about the Splinterlands game. Alternatively to posting directly from the Splintertalk site one could also use the tag #SPT on their Splinterlands content and potentially be rewarded some of the SPT currency. SPT can be bought / Sold or Traded on the Steem-Engine exchange.


Dark Energy Crystals or more commonly known as DEC can be attained via playing ranked Splinterland battles. You can also attain DEC via burning (destroying) Splinterland cards. How much each card is worth in DEC is dependent on the edition and rarity of the card. Like SPT, DEC can be bought sold or traded on the Steem-Engine exchange. DEC can also be used to purchase Splinterland cards. ORBS are another edition of cards and the only way to purchase Orb boosters is via using DEC to do so.

There's so much more I could tell you about like the recent WAX Partnership or the Mobile App that is currently being worked on but I'll save that for another time. If you're an information junky and would like to learn more about the game, head on over to the official Discord of Splinterlands via clicking anywhere on this highlighted area. The discord is full of very knowledgeable players who are eager to help answer any questions you may have.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

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