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I really need to start work on my SteemEngine trading bot...

It would be nice if I could rally the community here to add support at levels that have none. Here are some of the levels I'm talking about:

  • 0.1
  • 0.09
  • 0.08
  • 0.07
  • 0.06
  • 0.05

I was talking about this before but people who post at those exact levels could even be rewarded with reputation for defending the support and whatnot. In the end, providing static liquidity to a market is effectively the same as locking up stake for the good of the network. It should be rewarded.

Even getting 1000 coins of buy liquidity in these ranges would be an improvement from where we are now. I suppose I'll need to modify my filter for sifting through Steem block information to start looking at Buy/Sell orders being placed on SteemEngine.

On the flip side, our sell liquidity is also pretty terrible. I've been trying to add liquidity to the 0.17-0.23 range but that just seemed to push the price down as everyone undercut everyone else.

If my bot was up and running I'd be looking to reward anyone looking to add liquidity from the 0.05 to 0.30 range. Only users that posted exactly in 0.01 increments would be considered. I'll get around to it.


Craig Wright conspiracy theory.

On a side note, Craig Wright has me thinking.

He was very smug about announcing he knows the whale who pumped Bitcoin SV. In my head I was immediately like, "Yeah, you're the whale that pumped Bitcoin SV." Then I realized maybe that's actually correct.

Craig Wright is a technically smart guy who's been into Bitcoin from inception. He knows how to mix and tumble Bitcoin. You know he's already done that with the money that he stole. However...

What if Kleiman is the whale?

Think about it. As soon as Craig Wright says he has access to the "Tulip Trust" the price of Bitcoin SV spikes up out of control? What if he's such a narcissist that he pumped the market himself to make it look like he has that much clout? He already has a reason to do it: further anonymize the money he stole. Now it's not even Bitcoin anymore. Good luck finding that money team Kleiman. :(

I'm trying to weigh the chances of a random Bitcoin whale siding with Wright vs the whole thing being a staged event. 50/50? Who knows. Although I will say it seems very probable that Wright has the ability to pump his own coin x3 with the resources under his command... especially when he is trying to hide those resources from the law and he has intimate knowledge/connections in the cryptosphere.


Market is looking good.

Just when it looked like Bitcoin would crash to support, it starts going parabolic. Still expecting green for the next two months before I have to start turning bearish on the market. Monero is looking pretty good. If atomic swap technology is actually implemented both Monero and Bitcoin (the entire market) should get a burst of value.

Ethereum and Litecoin are also doing very well. I expect that BNB and Maker will also perform in the months to come. BNB is a nice one that seems to keep going up for a few weeks after everything crashes. BNB often crashes late and is a nice place to make a quick swing trade in certain situations.

Steem has yet to prove it has entered a bull market, but I am certainly hopeful considering the circumstances. We'll have to gain quite of bit of value over the next few months to keep our heads above water when the dip comes. However, after that I think it will be quite smooth sailing. I even expect a return of dumb money in 2021 for another epic bubble. One day at a time.

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Hi @edicted, I am very much interested in your project and love to provide some liquidity. Can you DM me to @dtrade handle in SteemLeo discord channel to discuss more. I have powered down 2K Steem for buy support, unfortunately it will take 13 weeks and 157 Steem is due tomorrow.

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I'll let you know...
but in the mean time you could always play it safe and add some liquidity to 0.05.

I have had some extra Steem and put up a buy order at 0.05 maybe it helps :)

that is an interesting idea and strategy from you....it should work..

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market makers tend to be necessary in most financial markets...

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I’ll support this for sure— SE needs market makers. If you find time HMU in the @ReggaeSteem discord

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