Continuing to Analyze an Economic Breakdown

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Here at the INCOME entertainment SYNERGY Fund we actually have been quite interested in observing the nature of the economic breakdown. We've believed stocks to be overvalued for some time, and not until they are actually underpriced would we ever consider an entry. In the meantime however, we can watch it jog and jolt.


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But what has the 'stock market' got to do with it anyway? Basically, at this point, even if we all think its going down, there is a lot of money to be made and lost in the system by predicting who will get squeezed for what in what order.

Let's take a look at the 'strong dollar' that I have been watching for the whole year.

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Why is the dollar surging while they are printing 'so much' of it? Apparently 'so much' is a relative term, as ZeroHedge also reports this next wave of strengthening comes from an additional $1 trillion dollar liquidity draw down in the coming month just to buy treasuries.

Almost all countries in the world have dollar denominated debt, even among Chinese Belt and Road Initiative the debts are denominated in Dollars if not in Barrels of Oil.

For those of you who want more information on Dollar Dominance and its History, check out this podcast called 'Why the Dollar has Never been Stronger, or more Set up to Fail', while those of you interested in those effects can check out this podcast, both from Coindesk's Podcast Network, discussing the acute dollar shortage in Lebannon, a country that has maintained a dollar-pegged currency since the early 90's.

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So even while stocks keep falling, the dollar has never been stronger. Gold has not moved much, but Bitcoin has show itself to be violently bullish, shaking out holders in altcoins and driving up its dominance market share.

We are looking to responsibly 'sell the peak' in dollars as we consider the question of what in the world has value. This is not financial advice, but a reminder that it is now a good time to think about these existential questions because the serious opportunities to 'create a better world' for ourselves and others may only come about once (or less) in a generation. The cycles rise and fall, it is up to us to determine the right time to stand up and ride the wave.

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