Splinterlands Mystery Potions Stats Got Even Better! Analyzing & Sharing My Experience

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I started into seriously buying Splinterlands Mystery Potion after reading a post by @vimukthi which you can read here. Players were buyign the potion mainly for this 1 guy called the Mighty Dricken. It's the last of Promo Cards ever printed. It's got burn value of 32550 DEC. But market valuation may push the card so far up in the future.

It All Ended November 12th

Last Dricken.png

@allcapsonezero got the last of Mighty Dricken out of 104 Mystery Potions. Each day there was 50% chance of Promo Card printed. That's less than 0.5% chance of winning a Mighty Dricken per potion. Current market value per Mighty Dricken can be super undervalued.

Market Value.png

Untamed Packs Can Be Just As Good

What you're looking at is my rewards from a pack opening I got from Mystery Potion. 20% - 30% of the Mystery Potions give away Untamed Booster Packs worth 2000 DEC. Getting a Booster Pack alone is a good idea. The Legendary summoner was something I was looking for and something I'm hugely grateful for.

Mystery Open.png

Land is Daily - Land is The Way

Last week has been a week of 35 Plots given away. 1 Plot will be worth 20K DEC. That's more than a Megular Foil Mighty Dricken price at max level cards. You've got almost 5% chance to win a piec of land (Plot_ everyday with one of these cheap potions.

108,000 DEC = 115 Mystery Potions

  • Statistically speaking, you should be able to get 5 Plots of land
  • Even when you don't get land you get other rewards
  • Statistically speaking, you should be able to get at least 20 Untamed Booster Packs (worth 40,000 DEC)
  • At low Mystery Potion purchases like this you are likely to be making a good ROI in the long run

Things are looking way better than I thought. On some days there's less than 100 Mystery Potions being used. The big rewards should more than make up for the losses you ge when you get a Common Reward Card.

I could only do this analysis thanks to data from @splinterstats
Page dividers are from @krunkypuram