I can sell any golden foil that I am not using in battle, but not for upvotes. I need steem or DECs to buy some cards.

K than are you going to delegate SP again as a couple more Upvotes will cover everything. Plus I will give a couple extra upvotes for free.

As for buying with DEC, would you be interested if I say bought cards from you worth 7000 DEC and paid 1000 DEC every day.

No problem. It is OK.

I would like to have 7 GF Highland Archers.

The price is 7 x $0.69 = $4.83 = 6,330 DEC -10% = 5,697 DECs
Please confirm.

Yup ok I will send 1000 DEC per day for 5 days and the 697 DEC on the 6th Day. I will also write details in the Memo so you can keep an accurate Tab.

I have just sent them. Thank you.

Total amount of 5697 DEC was paid.

Can I get 1 GF Etin Spearmen and 7 GF Exploding Dwarf?