7 days product review day 5-review of by butter, biscuits and bottle water by @val123

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Hello my fellow steemalive, We are back again to participate in this our Wonderful contest and which I keep appreciate the effort of @steemalive and @focusnow and today am here to review about a butter, biscuits and bottle water.

Mine today topic start with butter.


Blue band butter.
Blue band and have been existing for a long days ago and it has a low fat butter.

Water l, vegetable oil (palm oil olein) salt, emulsifier (monoghycericle, phpr, fully hardened rapeseed oil) potassium sorbate

Manufacturer name and address
Upfield Ghana manufacturing ltd and the address plot no WA/A/2/3A-4 heavy industrial area tema.

Nafdac reg no A1-6694


The name: of the butter is mayonnaise is a butter although me I have not use it before.
But I of friend told me about it and it is my second choice and according to that friend he that, the butter is good for eating bread.

Soya oil, egg yolk, vinegar, sugar, salt, modified, starch, thinkener, lemon flavor and water.
Manufacturer name and address: Tiger food limited.
Km4, Onitsha-owerri road obasi, Anambra state Nigeria.
Nafdac reg no: A8-0875.


Name: thins crackers biscuits is a nice biscuits and does not contain any sugar on it and preferred it because it doesn't contain sugar and mine doctor told me not eat anything that has sugar for mine health.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, liquid glucose, milk powder ( fatfilled ) salt, raising agent, emulsifier,soya lecithin, sodium metabisulpate.

Manufacturer name and address:
Sona agro allied food ltd.
Km1, ijoko road, sango ota, ogun state, Nigeria.

Nafdac reg no: 08-0880


Name: Choco rings chocolaty biscuits.
It is a nice biscuits and I also like it but is the only a times that I feel like eating something that contains sugar and it also contains.

Wheat flour, sugar, raising powder, invert syrup, salt.

Manufacturer name and address:
P1 pardee food Nigeria limited.
Lynson chemical avenue off km38, Lagos Abeokuta express way sango ota ogun state.

Nafdac reg no: A8-1831


Name: Neu-life bottle water.
It is a hygienic and safe water and it good.
And since I park in here, I mean mine new apartment I have been drinking this Neu-life water and no complain on it.

Manufacturer name and address Neu-Life tablet water goodies ltd.
28 esiaba street, umugasi aba, Abia state.

Nafdac reg no:B1-6900


Eva bottle water
It is a hygienic and safe water and it good.
It a good product and it mine second brand choice.
But the only thing that makes me to put it as second choice it because is have a lot of fakes but a part from that the original is good.

Manufacturer name and address

Manufacturer by Nigeria bottling company limited.
Office: IDDO, House, IDDO, Lagos, Nigeria; and owners by coca cola company.


By the explanation of the butter and biscuits with the bottle water and I have to understand that is a lot things which I didn't know but through the research now I have learnt a lot, well thank you once again from @steemalive and @focusnow for this wonderful contest. And I really appreciate the effort of:


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Nice entry and I love the markdown styles you used. It made your contest very presentable and good.


Thank you

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