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Good evening my fellow steemalive members, How was your day, I hope it was okay. Mine day was okay; and am back again to do mine day3 entry and today am going to talk about brand bread, milk and Noodles.


Name: Nature's pride bread
Uses: it is use for drinking of tea especially, also use it for drinking of tea.

Ingredients:white bread flour, water, preservation ( calcium propionate,Soyaflour, imprevet, vitamins and natural flavours.

Manufacturer name and address: Daily manna global industrial limited.
74 Degema street, aba, Abia state.

Nafdac reg no: ab0044b/aba
Side effects No side effects


Name Malt bread

Uses it is also for tea and especially it for tea but me I like eating it bread and beans.
And it has a calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
Malted wheat flour, malted barley flour sugar, yeast, salt,bakery fat vitamin C.

Manufacturer name and address&.

Manufacturer name and address
M.o nnaji bakery; 56 obohia road aba, Abia state.

Nafdac reg no: Ab00132/Aba.



Name: Peak milk

Uses it is use for taking tea and pap
Active: yes very very active and it is also my number one brand milk in Nigeria for me ooo and it have been on existence since 1954 and it contains 28vitamins and it does not have any side effects, but only when you buy a fake one from the fake people.

Ingredients: whole milk powder, lecithin, vitaminA, B1,B6,C and D3.

Nafdac reg no: 01-6215

**Manufactured and address:
Frieslandcampina wamco Nigeria plc, plot 7b Acme road, ogba, ikeja-lagos Nigeria.
Under the license of friasland Campina, Hollandia.


Name: Olympic milk

Uses it is for a delicious mixed in coffee tea and other beverage for drink alone, add water to suit your taste.

Ingredients: milk solid non fat, vegetable fat, milk fat, stabilizer vitaminA, and D3.

Nafdac reg no: 01-8409

Manufactured and address: produce by Friesland Campina wamco Nigeria plc, plot 7b Acme road ogba, ikeja-lagos, Nigeria.


Name: indomie noodles
And it a tasty nutrition.

Uses: you can cooked it with eggs and I even enjoy it with eggs.

Ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable oil palm oil, contains antioxidant e319, lodize salt, humectant, acidity regulator,thinkener, color.
Seasoning power:. Lodized salt, favor enchancer, ginger power, spices, garlic power, chicken flavour.

Manufactured and address: the manufacturer company name it de united food industrial limited km 4 idirioko road, ota, ogun state, nageria.

Nafdac reg no: 01-0877



Name: Mimee instant noodles

Manufacturer name and address:
Dufil Acquired Mimee Instant Noodles Brand from May and Baker Nig. Plc.

Uses it a nice noodles and anytime am serious hungry I have to eat it, and it nutrition the body.

Chicken flavour, Vegetable and Tomato flavour.


By the explanation of the bread and milk with the noodles and I have to understand that is a lot things which I didn't know but through the research now I have learnt a lot, well thank you once again from @steemalive and @focusnow for this wonderful contest. And I really appreciate the effort of:

 4 months ago 

@val123, your product choice are all beautiful and I also use one of your products.... I eat more of chicken flavor noddles. It's taste is incredible....

Please I don't think the contest requires sourced images. I think the rule is; capture with your device. Please check well, so you can correct it.

Thank you for sharing,,, I wish you success.

What of the product that you eat but you didn't have the picture with you, and you have to search for it online

@ninapenda are you actually recommending this Chicken Flavour noodles to me?
From it's name, I think it will be an interesting brand to try

@val123 I have not actually had a bite of the malted bred but from it's look and name, I think I will try it out soon.

Thank you for this beautiful review.

 4 months ago 

I like eating it bread and beans.

I enjoy eating beans with bread too. It has a special feel that's satisfying. That bread looks yummy.

Your review is good. Success in the contest.


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