Six ways to make people feel important. By @steemtopus

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Six ways to make people feel important.

Making other people feel important is the key to excellent relationship with others. Starting with your family members and then friends and co-workers, it is important to show them a real sense of respect. This will make very popular and respectable too.

These are six ways to make others feel important. These are simple practice that can make you build relationship with them.

1. Accept people the way they are:

Every human nature craves to be accepted by other people without being judged, evaluated or criticized. This is accepting the other person completely for the way he or she is without reservation
When you look at other people and give them a genuine smile, they feel a lot happier about themselves and have their self-esteems go up. Smiling at people makes them important and valuable, it is one of the important self-esteem and relationship building behaviors you can do

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2. Show your appreciation for others:

Expressions and gratitude raises others self-esteem and cause them to like themselves more, this will also make them lime you more too. The simpliest way of showing appreciation is by saying “thank you”, which is deeply appreciated in any language and anywhere in the world.any time these words is being used, people brighten up, smile and feel happy to be In your presence.

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3. Show your admiration

Abraham Lincoln once said “everybody likes a compliment”. compliment people’s accomplishments, tell people people your admire any of the thing they own because when you admire something belonging to another person, it makes them feel happy about themselves.

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4. Be agreeable

Agreeing and smiling with the opinion of the other make that person feel intelligent, respected, valuable and also import. People who are gennerally agreeable and positive are mostly welcomed in every situation.

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5. Never criticize, condemn or complain:

Criticizing, condemning or complaining about anything either directly or indirectly makes a person feel less important and valuable.
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6. Pay attention to others:

Listen attentively to people when they speak increases the self esteem of that person. Listen to what that person is saying like he is saying the smartest and most interesting thing you ever heard. The key to great listening is for you to ask questions and hang on ever word of thier answers.

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