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Our next contest is also one we hope will interest you. This contest is entitled Your role model.

The contest - Your Role Model

A role model is someone we want to emulate because of their success, fine character or good example. Many people have taken their role model from outstanding family members, exemplary religious figures, or successful career personalities. We want to be like, or even be better, than our role model. Almost everyone has a role model because they help shape our lives in more ways than one.

In this contest, we want to learn about your role model. You will need to do 3 things for us. Kindly tell us:

(1) Who is your role model?
(2) Why is he/she special to you. Or how have they influenced you. Or how will they influence you?
(3) W hat is a favorite quote from your role model or any other special persons you admire?

(4)Then to encourage engagement, you MUST reply at least one entry from other participants. That is all


The rules

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  5. Your entry must be at least 300 characters long
  6. A picture of your role model will make your entry more interesting, although it is not compulsory


The Prize

We have up to 60 Steem available for this contest. Each entry will earn at least 1 Steem. However, We will reward the first 10 entries with additional 0.5 Steem. We may also give additional bonus to entries that include role model picture or other additional details. So here is the prize sharing formular

Entry numbers 1 - 10 = 1.5 Steem Each.
Entry numbers 11-45 = 1 Steem Each.

Additional bonus for exceptional entries = 0.5 steem (Given at our discreetion)

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)

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 last year (edited)
My role model
My role model as some one whom I've contemporarily admired and inspired at greatly is my pastor, Rev. Williams Awa of Assemblies of God Church. He is short in stature, dark in complexion, eloquent and very constructive in speech, he never speak flimsily and without well articulated and constructed words. He worked and retired as an accountant and currently the principal of one of our church collages. He is a father of one. He is very tenacious in resolving great issues and in achieving his goals. He is good in counselling, married to one mrs Chidima, from a local government called Ohofia in Abia State Nigeria.

Why he is my role model

The very first day he was transferred to our Church, I said to myself this man must be a great man. I gave heed to all he instructed us then I said to my self this man must be my role model. I chose him as a role model not necessarily because of how wealthy he is but how he has disciplined himself all through his youth age and even hitherto he is still not wavering concerning certain instructions he has given to himself. He told me certain of his ambitions which got me perplexed even as an aged man. He told us how he has passed through life and how he has faced circumstances with boldness, segacity and tenacity,this really gave me more enthusiasm, alercrity and fascination in chosing him as my role model, he is really a man of his words with conscientious concern to everyone around him. You can never get out of him without gaining and grabbing something that will make you great in life . Besides when he saw that I was so interesting in his packaging, advices and disciplines, he picked interest on me and started giving me certain instructions that will expedite my career in life. So this gave me a whole lot of encouragement to stay put.
Quotes lifted from some of his teachings

  1. Do not be proud
  2. A man of Alter is a man of victory
  3. Always find a way to help people in life
    4.You will fail when you abandon God and face your business
    5.never think to prosper when you aren't ready to bear the cross
    6.the worse life is the life of some one who cannot take advice
  4. Your success depends to the extent of relationship you maintain with your mentor.
    Among these are many more which I didn't add from his teachings, but honestly I've not heard him reiterate a quote for more than a teaching.

Hola como estas, los pastores siempre en su mayoría son ejemplos a seguir porque esta dispuesto a ayudar y animar a uno a seguir los pasos de servir al Señor. Unas frases muy sabias las que expresa el pastor

 last year 

@rosanita please am not familiar with this dialect

Hi sorry I forgot to use the translator wave like this, the pastors are always mostly examples to follow because they are willing to help and encourage one to follow the steps of serving the Lord. Some very wise phrases that the pastor expresses

 last year 

Am grateful for translating this, really they are and am really fortunate to have a pastor as mine.

 last year 

Hmmm, from his quotes i could say he is truly a man to emulate.

A man of Alter is a man of victory

A man without alter is said to be defeated. This word is truly deep.
Thanks for sharing.

 last year (edited)

Really grateful @bright-obias, you really gained something. His words are really inspiring.

 last year 

Yeah very deep

 last year 

Having a spiritual direction as your role model is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing

 last year 

Wow your write up about your Role Model is great and i love the collection of quotes you got from his teachings. They are very practical and applicable quotes. Nice one.

 last year 

@ianlynxie thanks alot, he appreciably inspires me much.

Waw they quote are so remarkable,i learnt from it tanks

 last year 

Thanks very much for really going through its encouraging indeed

What more can i say your doing well bro

Nice writing.

 last year 

Thanks for recognition @sohanurrahman

 last year (edited)

@davchi, the path of life you have decided to take gives me joy everyday. Hold unto those words, they will make you.
Nice seeing you participated in this contest.
Keep steemming.

 last year 

Nice one bro

 last year 

@davchi (51) it's a great one you have here from a great role model

Nice writing skill.
Hope for the best.

 last year 

My role model are my parents. Mr/Mrs Nubia.They got married at a very empty stage of their lives. They had virtually nothing but together, they worked so hard for their children. Everyday they used to tell us their stories of the things they went through as a young couple. I saw so much determination and discipline in their stories. The support they gave each other during the hard times and all.
They are a success story and a living testimony.
May father usually said "Every problem has an expiry date". With this statement, I knew that if I always worked hard and remained truthfully to my God, then no matter how hard things may seem, they will never last forever.

 last year 

It is interesting to know your parents are your role mode, my parents are wonderful people but they are my primary role model and their impacts are wondeeful but i still had to have another

 last year 

I really like the part played by your role model,both in discipline and determination. That's really great.

Hola como estas, que hermosa historia y creo que esa frase que decía tu padre es muy cierto los problemas no se prolongan se resuelven de una vez no duran para toda la vida

 last year 

That's wonderful @craxywriter. Such a lovely role model. And u have them right inside your home. Please allow yourself to be influenced by them, no regrets at all. Thank you for such a nice entry

 last year 

Our parents will always want the best for us. Interesting knowing your parents are your eole modeel

 last year 

@craxywriter "Every problem had an expiry date" i love that quote from your father, it keep one strong, i love the part of discipline and determination. You have a real role model.

I am excited to know that who you set as your role models are not people from outside but people from within and particularly your parent.

They must really be good people.

 last year 

I did like th fact that your parents are your source of inspiration. Its really motivating

Every problem has an expiry date

There is nothing better than having parents you can look up to, great role models

 last year 

It is pretty good that this contest is about role model. Indeed our lives are shaped by this people either we like it or not.
My role model is my mother in-law
I so much admired the way he raised her children. I was attracted to the family because they were all spiritually minded. And when I got closer, I discovered that the training they received especially from their mother really shaped them. I was later opportune to meet their mum who patiently answered all the questions I had for her then. I asked her, how were u able to raise such spiritually minded children. She gave birth to 5 boys and a girl. And all of them were well behaved. Respectful, lovely, cool headed, good morals and values. She told me that one thing that help them was that she never left her kids in the care of others no matter who you are. Even though she lived in a public apartment, she always lock the kids indoors whenever she wants to go out or else, go with them. As Jehovah's witnesses, they used the Bible to train their children and they tried as much as possible to live by example. It was not really easy for them but they made sure that they were the ones that influenced the kids not any other person in the neighbourhood. Even at the kingdom hall where as Jehovah's witnesses they go for worship, if her child disturbs, she or her husband will be the ones to take them out and calm them. Each school they enrol their children, they will ensure they get to know their teachers and visit them regularly, scheduled or not. Above all, she said that they relied on Jehovah, who gave them the children through prayer and study of the Bible.
I was thrilled. It was such a happy family. And I wished that I could raise my own children that way. I regularly asked questions and was always there to answer. Intact, what I know today as a wife and mother, I learnt them from her.
She will always tell me 'always instruct your children based on God's word the Bible, rely on God not any man through prayer, try to have good knowledge of the scriptures and apply what you read, be exemplary, then you will succeed as a parent. Keep friends out of your marriage and didn't envy anyone.
That really influenced me that my kids are Always home and indoors. We go out together and play together. All they need are indoors. That way, no worries about fighting or anything at all. I could remember a case in point when my kids were learning how to open and close the door when they return from school . I taught them how and to help them, I told them to to go anywhere if they can't open it, that I will come back soon. So they came back and couldn't open the door , they stayed outdoors but close to the door, my landlady came out and asked them to come to her house, they refused and the woman picked offence with me. Well I explained to her when I came back, that the kids were just following instructions. I so much appreciated the kids for such firm stand despite their age. Till date, the kids are really wonderful to be with, spiritually minded and respectful children. I know that they still have a long Way to go in life but am already impressed with what am seeing. All thanks to Jehovah for giving me such a wonderful mother in-law. Most people think that she gave birth to me.



Hola es admirable en verdad como tu suegra crió a sus hijos ya que los educo con principios y valores

 last year 

You got a good shot having your mother inlaw as your role model. I must congratulate you for that because most ladies find it so difficult to get along with their mother inlaws. Kudos mama

 last year 

Damn shes your mom joor,you guys look sibling on the last picture, more like the last child to where she is. Shes a great woman and a priceless jewel in the making. This truly
a gift from Jehovah.

 last year 

@ngoenyi, its really pleasing to see that person that motivated you to become the person you are today. You are such a caring leader i believe she s a kind of you. You look more like her self haha, thanks for sharing.

 last year 

You are just on point. That is trully whom she is. What a wonderful person to learn from.

 last year 

of course, i am a witness to that fact. She is awesome. I appreciate her a lot. Thank you @benton3 for your nice comment

 last year 

Exactly, ma'am @ngoenyi is one of a kind. Thankgod she impacted this to you

 last year 

Am telling you @bright-obias. I don't know if I could have successfully handled my role as a wife and mother

 last year 

Wow!! This amazing, your mother inlaw been your role model shows the relationship is enjoyed, unlike other daughter inlaws who wishes their mother inlaw death because of one reason or another;

I admire your mother inlaw and i pray to have a better mother inlaw too

 last year 

@dlioness my dear ,truth should be told. I am happy about this contest that has really reminded me of the immense training i received from her. Thank you for your nice comment

 last year 

Wow thats wonderful, you have a good role model, hope you are following her foot steps? Thats lovely picture with you and her.

 last year 

Thank you @sambee for your nice comment. I am really trying my best to follow her footsteps. Even though i still make mistakes. I pray i do that fully.

 last year 

Wow,breath taking

 last year 

I am thrilled by the way you admire your mother-in-law. In Africa some people believe that mother's of their spouses are out to hate them but your case is absolutely different. I admire your admiration for her. She is indeed a powerful woman.
#onepercent #affable #cameroon.

 last year 

Thank you so much my dear @craxywriter. I appreciate. It is good to appreciate good things no matter who it is
#steemitconnection #steemalive #onepercent #nigeria

@ngoenyi I can barely sight any difference between you and your mother inlaw she's beautiful and younger than I thought, honestly she looks more like your mom and I'm so impressed with the bond between the two of you. Having such a wonderful mother inlaw will always make you feel at ease in the family and free to relate with her.

Your children is another people I'll like to emulate, giving them such background will help them a long way and once it affects them now it'll always be part of them. Thanks for the good work Jehovah has used you and your mother inlaw to play in the life of your kids. Keep up the good work and Jehovah will see you through.

 last year 

Thank you for your well detailed appreciate. Your comment shows that you read every line of that entry. Truly, responding to Jehovah's training is the right thing to irrespective of who he chooses to train u. We should all be willing to be molded by Jehovah through his organization and our brothers and sisters
I appreciate your response to my entry @iamdanny.
#steemitconnection #steemalive #onepercent #nigeria

 last year 

What an interesting contest , this is creativity at its peak , never thought of one bringing up this as a contest;

My role model is Mrs Funke Adejumo, she is the founder of agape christian minitries, got married to Mr felix Adejumo;

Actually , Mrs Funke Adejumo has not been the best in the women ministry but there is this attribute she possesses and that is honouring and been proud of her husband and also her efforts in been a help meet as the bible points to,

I dont know her family and has not asked how they live so i can know if she practices what she teaches or not but i believe that she will do likewise as she teaches others;

I have always had this desire to love and obey my husband and contribute to the welfare of the family and Mrs Adejumo has indeed built my spirit on that and has made me see the benefits of it;

As one of her quotes would be that "any woman whose total dependence is on his husband or any man is a colosal disgrace" this gave me the zeal of making it big in life from the small earnings,

She has indeed influenced me positively.

Another person i admire is Mercy Chinwo, the female music minister who sanged Jesus you love me too much ooo"

 last year 

You role models are women of God. That is amazing. These woman usually portray some great personality and an aura of excellence. @dlioness soon you will be my own role model 😄😄

Esa persona que admira es una mujer virtuosa y tu debes ser también una gran mujer

 last year 

your story about your role model is so torching @dlioness.its good to see one who choose her parent as role model,honestly speaking i really love that.Atleast you have see that money is not happiness although it contribute to it.What matter in life is love,trust and commitment.

Me encantan los concursos que se presentan en @steemalive cada semana me sorprende y este me motivo a participar, mi modelo a seguir es mi madre ella es la que siempre me ha apoyado ha estado durante todo mi proceso de formación desde que estaba pequeña en los estudios, cuando me sentía triste o no quería seguir ella estaba allí ayudándome dándome ánimo.

Saben ella es única siempre con sus palabras motivadoras tu puedes, no te dejes vencer Dios siempre está contigo, ante cualquier dificultad ella está presente me acuerdo cuando no sabía qué carrera estudiar que me sentía frustrada ella llego con su mejor sonrisa y me dijo vas a estudiar esta carrera y me llevo hasta la universidad me hizo inscribir y estudie Licenciatura en Enfermería, luego el postgrado y cada meta que realizo es gracias a ella. Cuando decidí comenzar a dar clase en la universidad ella me apoyo.

Cuando comencé a realizar obras sociales ella fue la que me motivo y me apoyo, cada proyecto que tengo o algo que quiero realizar ella está allí presente con su palabras motivadoras.

Doy gracias a Dios que tengo a mi madre conmigo, y que es buena consejera hasta cuando estoy deprimida y cuando la pase mal por mi enfermedad inmunológica que me sentía deprimida que no quería ni salir ella me enseño que uno tiene que ser fuerte que yo debo dominar mi enfermedad no la enfermedad a mí. Y a pesar de que mi madre tiene un problema renal su fortaleza es admirable en todo momento no decae, ni se desanima siempre esta con un gran entusiasmo transmitiéndolo a sus hijas y demostrando el gran amor que siente por nosotros por eso ella es mi ejemplo a seguir en mi vida.


Hola amiga, que hermoso modelo y apoyo has tenido, y lo mas importante es que la has valorado y cuidado, Dios las bendiga a ambas.
Un abrazote para las dos.

Que hermoso lo de tu mamá a de ser muy sabia y a de conocer muy bien a sus hija. Y que la admires tanto habla muy bien de tu sabiduría. Que bueno que la tengas como tu amiga y tu consejera... Eres muy afortunada...

My Role Model is Rev. Ntia I Ntia

He is the President and founder of Full Life Christian Center, He is a philanthropist, a teacher of the gospel and an accountant by profession.

Why is he special to you.

Rev. Ntia is not just a preacher, he is a man of integrity and high self esteem. Many of the things that has worked for me in life is because of the series of things i have learnt from him. Specifically what he is special to me because he is one man that beliefs that i do not need resources to get things done. Now example is how he got married to his wife Pst. Laurie Ntia at the age of 25, he said he didn't have anything and not even a good place to stay but he was well determined to be married at that age. Now where is wife comes from is quite distanced from him so on the day of his introduction, he said because there was not money, he had to go to his would be's house just himself and a few persons from his family because he could not afford transportation fair. So when he got to the road, the people he went with started asking him of the car that was taking them to Enugu and he said all he had to do was to break a cab and entered and told the cab man that they are going to Enugu but the man said he wasn't going to Enugu but till the man drove them to Enugu, the man didn't know and he went and came back without paying a dime for transportation. The reason i shared that is because of the kind of faith this man has which is what makes him very special to me. He doesn't take no for an answer and he has a fighting spirit and the spirit of excellence that he makes sure that all he does is super excellent.

What is a favorite quote from your role model

His best quote is: The word is working in me, i have what God says i have, i do what God says i can do and i become who God says i will become because the word of God is working and it is working in me.

 last year 

@steemalive, nice contest so far.
Expect my entry.

 last year 

My role model are my parents; Mr and Mrs Nwaankwere. These two have really proven to be my inspiration, role model and a force for good. Going back in time to their days, i will not forget how they got married, since they did so at an early age. So many persons felt, they could not have made in married life, but to tneir chagrin , tbeir union is one the most blessed marital union, I have ever seen. They gave birth to 6 lovely choldren, of which, i am one of them. I learnt to be self reliant, have a savings culture, respect others, and the importance of humility. I will not fail to state that I inherited a strong spiritual heritage from them, something money cannot afford. The thing i learnt from them has helped me a lot both as a bachelor and my current as a married man, i never saw them quarrel for one day, and this have a great effect on me, on how i deal with my wife. Their example impressed in my mind the need for diligence and hardwork.
He will always tell me, there are three kinds of problem

  1. Those you can solve immediately.
  2. Those that will take some time to be solved and
  3. Those that only time will solve.
    In real fact, both parents of my have been instrumental in shaping me for the kind of person, husband, father, inlaw, brother, I am today.
    I do really appreciate them for their dedication in bringing me up.
 last year 

@benton3 really impressed your parents are your role model, is more closely impacting to have parents as role model

 last year 

They are truly role models @benton3. I can attest to that fact. Thank you for your entry

 last year 

My role model are my parents: I love the fact that they disciplined me at a younger each time I misbehave...
It was on Sunday afternoon in 2009, I refused to present in church service so, after the sermon they came back to the house and I was disturbing them again. My parents gave me a shocking beat that transformed my life.

The best quote from my Mummy is "my son hold on with God"
My Daddy "Remember to keep my family united"

 last year (edited)

Thankgod for that great discipline, i believe it was what motivated you to become the person you are today. Thanks for coming around.

 last year 



mashrafe bin mortuza

If a person's behavior, actions or success is such that others are inspired to want to be like him or try to surpass him; Such a person is a 'role model'. This desire or effort will be on behalf of the new or next generation. Everyone has a role model in their life. I also have a role model.

my role model

His name is Mashrafe bin Mortuza. He is a former successful captain of Bangladesh national cricket team. He has played for the national team for almost fifteen years. He was the one to say. I have been following him since I was little. Towards his cricket
Seeing love, I also started playing cricket. I am shocked to see the dedication to cricket. Others quit cricket after being injured once or twice. There, Mashrafe bin Mortuza did not give up cricket even after undergoing five or six leg surgeries. This fighting spirit of his attracted me very much. He fought all the time. It seems like no one else can do better than how to move forward from a team.

why he is special to me

I liked his fighting spirit. I also like to play cricket. I also had many injuries like him. He returned to the cricket field many times from injury. I love seeing people's love for him. His personal life is very ordinary. He helps the poor and needy a lot. He married his housemaid at his own expense.

how have they influence me

I was fascinated by his honesty, duty, and fighting spirit. People who dislike him can hardly be found. Almost everyone in Bangladesh likes him. I learned a lot from watching him. I don't give up easily now. If there is no thing, I try again and again. This attitude was not there before. Now seeing him I am slowly learning. Seeing him, I also learned to lead my cricket team. Even if I don't like him, I try to make sure that I can run my team well.

favourite quote from my role model

  1. "Betroyal by my own two legs don't stop me.
    I will challenge myself with my stubbornness."
    2.never give up

@nadimmahmud. Thank you for participating in this contest although you came late. Here is a link to another interesting contest we started last night. Please join it:


Solo cuando creces es cuando comprendes la influencia que ciertas personas han tenido en tu vida, a lo largo de mí vida he tenido la influencia positiva de muchas personas, pero solo les voy a mencionar a dos:


Esta hermosa mujer por dentro y por fuera ha sido desde mi nacimiento hasta el presente la mayor influencia de amor que he podido tener, ella me ha enseñado que el amor no se siente con palabras, sino con acciones, con esos pequeños detalles diarios que te hacen saber que eres amado por sobre todas las cosas, ella me ha enseñado que no hay nada mas importante y real en la vida que el amor y la familia, ella es mi madre, a quien escogería una y mil veces para este hermoso papel. Su nombre María, gracias a Dios sigue hoy día a mi lado brindándome su amor y compañía.


Esta otra mujer, también muy bella, influenció en mi vida la disciplina, los buenos hábitos, la constancia y la responsabilidad en el estudio; y ni siquiera sabía yo escribir, ella mi madrina y maestra desde el preescolar hasta el segundo grado dejó en mi un gran aprendizaje que solo al pasar los años lo comprendería. A veces en el momento no se comprende lo estricta que es una persona para formarte porque te ama, hasta que te das cuenta cuanto has avanzado por ella. Ella en su lecho de muerte y yo a mis 8 años le prometí que siempre estudiaría. Su nombre Elida, mi madrina.
Ellas son solo dos de las personas que han influenciado lo que soy hoy como persona, como ser humano y le agradezco a Dios haberlas puesto en mi camino, y a pesar de no ser perfecta, me gusta la persona que soy.

Estoy de acuerdo contigo, las madres ejercen mucha influencia en nuestras vidas. uno de los problemas mas grades de los trastornos de personalidad se origina en la niñes por causas relacionadas con falta de padre o madre.

Definitivamente asi es, es muy grande la influencia que tienen sobre nosotros quienes nos dan la vida y nos crian.
Gracias por comentar, saludos.

 last year 

Wow, interesting

 last year (edited)

previously i considered some people as my role model,those people influenced in a positive way and contributed to my betterment.
But now my role model is no other person than that one who has influence my thinking and help me understand that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life.His name is Mr charles okekee @focusnow.

His passion,boldness and some other of his qualities keep me going.On many occasions when am downhearted and almost gave up he was there to help,even when i think i cant do much he has always encourage me to keep on the pace,to invest more in things that won't only yield now but also in the future.He help me see impossibility as part of life and help me understand that even if i fall i shouldn't stop there instead i should get up and continue the pace.
I know he has challenges and some other discouragement but he never let those thing bring him down instead he keep moving,seeing those things gives me the courage to continue.i know he will never expect to hear some of the things in this write up but that's the fast.
Another thing is his spiritual life,although he work as he could he never joke with spiritual things although not perfect he tries to keep up with his spiritual life.
me role model @focusnow is also very caring,on one instance i lost 83.503 steem,i didn't know what to,i became downhearted and wanted to give up in some certain things but i told him about it and he was so sorry about it,not only was he sorry about it but he delegate to me the compete steem i lost.that was so torching and that act of kindness prove to me something i haven't thought of before,he was so caring.Just as the quote "like father like son".Imitating his is among my top priority.
In summary this is him for you;simple,bold,dedicated but serious.Lastly he is caring

these are some of the quotes:
*He who laugh last laughs the best.
*Money is not happiness but peace of mine.
*Enduring hard times will at last prepare you for future events.
*Choosing is very essential because if you choose well you do well but if you don't you end up miserably.

 last year 

Honestly speaking @herculeand, Mr Charles okeke is truly a man to set as an example in life. Although i've not met him before in person but truly @focusnow is a man to emulate from. Thank you for sharing.

 last year 

Thanks @bright-obias for seeing him from a positive way,not that am praising him no,far from that but I just thing the way the are.he @focusnow is really trying and I pray that God will bless his hustle.

 last year 

Yeah he really fostering the platform and he must surely receive reward

 last year 
I am very much happy over this topic***your role model***.A role model is someone that have affected your life positively or a person you look up to be like in life. My role model is my husband mr Kenneth Ndubuisi. He is from Mbano, Imo state .He lives in Aba, Abia state. He is tall and fair in complexion. He influenced my life in diverse ways ;

firstly he a man of faith. He use to tell me that whatever i want in life, i must build faith and reach out for it.He told me that when he first met me though i rejected him but he positioned his faith that he must have me being his wife today. He is also a man of patience. He told me that he served his master for10years instead of 6years as agreed.

Even when his friends and colleagues in the workshop were laughing and jesting him, he believed in himself that one day he must be free. He is a man of endurance ,even at the course of rejection by the family members yet he endured and still made peace. He is a peace maker,today in his very family and some other family that knew him not, he still make peace for them. He is so accommodative even to people he knew not. He is a generous man, kind and always show mercy.

Secondly,he is a go getter, he does everything within his reach to get what he wants. He use to tell me not to be lazy as long as the life is concern and don't give up on anything you wish until you have them. He is a hustler. He provides the best for his family.

Lastly,he is a man of his word and he always stood his ground .He is a man of prayer, he can't do without prayers, sometimes he behave as a minister but not one. He says a thing and it will just start happening. I could remember vividly the very day he woke and told me that he will be traveling to abroad and today he is there.

His quotes:Don't run away from your destiny because you are the one to make it shine
A patience dog eat the fattest bone
One with God does exploits
A good name is better than many riches and many more.

IMG-20200414-WA0013.jpgmr Kenneth
He is a man of truth, endowed with favor and his master's pride even in abroad where he lives,to mention but this few.thanks.

 last year (edited)

My role model
My late grand father

Why is he special?
I can describe my grandpa is a true definition of love. He taught me how to love and serve everyone I meet without having regrets. That's showing selfless love to everyone I meet. He was a great man who will never quarrel with anyone for any reason, a man who is a friend to needy, deaf, dumb, mad people and other disabled persons in the community. He was that kind of man who can let go of his house to anyone who comes making trouble and claiming it was his own
My grandpa showed me so much love and will always advise me every time. Above all he was a devoted Catholic Christian and spent a great part of his life serving God. He was a peaceful, loving and kind person. He brought me up to be fine, Loving and gentle lady. He really made me understand what it feels to have a heart full of love for the people me and my environment. Also he has always supported my dreams and ambitions in life. I can remember how he will give me that positive vibes to go on with my vision in agriculture. He will never let me fail I anyway. He is the father i never had.


Favorite quote
"Never be too quick to make a decision in times of pressure, be calm always"

From mother" nothing stays in the dark or remains negative forever"

 last year 

Never be too quick to make a decision in times of pressure, be calm always

This a nice quote indeed . your grandpa is truly a person to emulate from. Thanks for sharing.

 last year 

Yes he is a very wonderful person

 last year 

Your grandpa is such a nice man. He is really worthy of being a role model. Thank you for seeing good in his good deeds. This Shows that you are really trying to be like him or even better
#steemitconnection #steemalive #onepercent #nigeria

 last year 

You can say that again. He is the most peaceful person I havd ever known in this world. I pray to continue living the values he taught me
#onepercent #cameroon #affable



Hola ... hola Hola @steemalive, te felicito por esta iniciativa. Definitivamente mi modelo a seguir es mi madre. ya tiene 84 años, su influencia en mi es valiosa. recuerdo que siempre tenia una respuesta a todo lo que le preguntaba, siempre hizo silencio con respecto a mi padre que le fue infiel muchísimas veces hasta que a la edad de 55 años decidió dejar esa esclavitud.

Eramos 12 hermanos, ella nos sostenía planchando, limpiando casas, vendiendo de todo, cosiendo, nunca le vi triste, siempre tenia una sonrisa en sus labios. Recuerdo la vez que presenciamos un mal momento con papá y todos apoyamos a esta campeona.

Ella definitivamente ha influenciado en mi vida a seguir luchando en medio de cualquier situación. mi modelo: Andre Teotiste Díaz. mi hermosa madre. "NADIE COMO ELLA".

Siempre me pregunté ¿Cómo es posible que una madre pueda sostener a 12 hijos? ella es mi respuesta.
nunca faltó la muñeca en el arbolito de navidad, nada nos faltó. Algo muy especial que influenció en mi vida fue su amor a Dios, es cristiana, nos enseño a amar a Dios y al prójimo, a perdonar y luchar sin perder la esperanza.

Ella tenía una frase que cada vez que la recuerdo me da nostalgia , cuando le preguntaban como estas? ella respondía "AQUÍ, CON LA OLLA BOCA ABAJO, PERO ADELANTE. DIOS NUNCA DESAMPARA". Es sorprendente.

Gracias a ella el 70 % de nosotros somos profesionales de la república venezolana, ha superado toda enfermedad y aun así ella siempre tiene una sonrisa. Doy gracias a Dios por esta modelo a seguir

Who is your(my) role model?. Well here I'll say my mom due to the bone we share. She has always been by my side and directing me in the way that'll benefit me and those around me both spiritually and otherwise. My dad is a business man that I can count how many times we stay together as family but he's always nice showering us physical things but my mom goes as far as counselling us and giving reasons behind every action she took both the ones we considers bad(hurtful) she made us realize that she did it to correct us.
She isn't just a mother but also a friend to us all she make it for us to express ourselve and always she'll make a statement saying"we're her friend and family, that's why she shares everything with us just like best friends" I admire so much the organizing spirit in her and her industriousness.

I just wish to get an industrious and happy woman like my mom as a wife who will make a lovely home and a good mother and friend to my kids.

 last year 

My role model
My role model is my mum. Yes my strong mom, my mom is one of the strongest women on this earth,i have seen her whether solid storms. my mom has many super qualities,shes kind,strong,relentless and hospitable.


Why shes my role model
Surviving in a harsh condition as a single parent with 3 kids wasn't an easy task. She is very hardworking and yet kind even though the people around weren't. she survived numerous trails and challenges,she came out completely victorious.

As a dedicated Christian she raised her children up as one too.She managed to raised i and my 3 others siblings as hardworking and dedicated servants of Jehovah. she taught us the value of kindness,how to see the best in other people,the value of hard work.

I so much admire her peaceful disposition,she is very calm and in search of peace even in very difficult situations.This has affected my attitude toward troublesome people in life.


Her favorite quote is from the bible,proverbs 9***Be wise my son and make my heart rejoice,so i can make a reply to him who is taunting me.

Its her favorite quote when she wants to discipline me.


Mi modelo a seguir es cristo. Buscad el reino de Dios y lo demás se te dará por añadidura. Esta frase siempre me a impactado, porque se trata de buscar la felicidad que es Dios, y nosotros en sus regazo, nos dará todo lo que se necesitamos para vivir en este mundo físico... Solo en Dios hay vida... Pero realmente no tengo un modelo a seguir, Dios cada día pone en mi corazón algo nuevo que desear. Aunque admiro a muchas personas, aquellas donde Dios a colocado en su corazón mis mismos anhelo... Santa Teresita del niño Jesús es una de ellas... Ella deseó el amor y la unión con Dios

Cuanto más débiles y miserables nos reconocemos, tanto más desciende Dios
hasta nosotros para colmarnos magníficamente de sus dones. Verdad es que para
gozar de estos tesoros hay que humillarse, reconocer la propia nada; y esto es lo que
muchas almas no quieren hacer.

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