SteemAlive Engagement League week 1 - (Monday 15th - Sunday 21st November, 2021)

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We welcome you friends to another week of SEL project. We value engagement so much which is why we have brought out this project as a way to reward our members that take engagement serious. We kicked off last week and it has been an amazing journey so. Participants last week generated a total of quality comments/engagements last week. We hope that with the reward we gave out, this weeks engagement will really beat the last figure we had.


A kind reminder for SEL Participants

We have the following observations from the first week. So please everyone that is involved in the SEL project need to take note:

1. Coment Quality: We have a very high percentage of high quality comments from the participants last week. There were however a few that wwere not of the highest standards. So please make sure your comment has high quality. Reply to something you read from the post and do not make few words or one-sentence comments.

2. fetching your comment link: We discovered that a few participants struggled to fetch the comment links. They instead fetched the post link under which they made a comment. As a reminder, here is how to fetch the direct link of your comment.


3. One post for the week: We discovered that a few participants made the mistake of having one post for each day's engagement. That is wrong. Make just one post and have tables inside for each days engagement. You will update this post after the day's engagement. Make sure you drop the link of that post as a comment on this post.

Where to find posts to Comment

You can find posts to comment on in the following channels:

  1. New posts in SteemAlive community page:
  2. Community account posts:
  3. Steemalive Post Promotion on Telegram.
  4. SPCV group on Whatsapp
  5. Personal pages of known community members

Note: Only comment on *verified member posts. You can see the label on each person's username.


Confirm your rewards

If you participated in SEl last week, it means we have sent your rewards. If you have not confirmed yet, we will not send your next rewards. Please confirm in the rewards post below:



Lets raise the engagement bar. Remember that you have to outdo others in order to win the top prizes. Try to increase your daily engagement count each week. Try to make quality engagements. We are sure you are at least in club5050. We thank you friends for supporting SEl and we wish you all the best as you engage with others this week.


:::Telegram :::join trail


This is very good

This is very encouraging thank you @steemalive for always been inovative

It was great participating in this engagement Last week, this week is going to be greater. Thank you @steemalive for always having us in mind

 3 years ago (edited)

This is the link to my SEL Tracker post
Thanks for the correction, now I will have to revisit the post links I Made.

I had to try it twice before i could getting the comment link right

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