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We are thrilled to launch and present to you a project crowd-founded by members of SteemAlive comunity. This project is called Open Happiness. This post will explain what Open Happiness is all about and why the idea is was loved by almost everybody that was present when it was discussed. We hope to really touch the lives of SteemAlive members through this exciting project. So, What is Open Happiness?

Open Happiness - the idea, the project, the benefits!

How do you feel when you receive a very precious gift or much needed assistance from a friend or acquaintance? You no doubt felt excited. The truth is this: humans feel valued and remembered when they are recipients of acts of kindness. Many would agree with this quote from a well-respected holy book:

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

Giving brings happiness to the giver and the receiver - although the giver experiences more happiness than the receiver. Because giving makes all parties happy, we in SteemAlive community decided to launch this project that will unlock happiness and touch many lives through selfless giving and acts of kindness.

Open Happiness encourages SteemAlive members to think about how much impact they will make in another persons life through little acts of kindness. Everyone has something to give no matter how little. When we help each other through selfless giving, we make a lasting impression and personally contribute to a community where members feel that that they are not facing life challenges alone. We can be much more than just bloggers and crypto enthusiast. We can be real friends in need and that is what Open Happiness hopes to achieve.

How will Open Happiness work?

At the start of the week and before the end of it, each member of SteemAlive can start thinking about how to touch a live in small ways. We can give whatever we can to any active member that comes into our mind. This is no strict definition of what can be given. It may include:

  • Our cryptos - Tron, Steem, SBD, other cryptos
  • Fiat - Physical cash
  • Tangible gifts
  • Airtime
  • Data
  • Any other thing

These Gifts could be sent anytime within the week directly to the recipient. At the end of the week, we will make a post where recipients of gifts within the week use the comment section to express appreciation for what they got. Members of the community can thank the giver for touching lives that week.

Who should receive the gifts

We want to use the Open Happiness Project to encourage active engagement in SteemAlive community. We want to use this project to help our members see that being active in the community pays. So this project is strictly meant for active SteemAlive members. So the important question here is: Who is an active member? An active member:

  • Makes at least 3 posts in a week
  • Actively engages others through commenting on posts
  • Participates in SteemAlive projects such as Contests, LIDs, etc
  • Participates in Steemit projects such as Diary posts, Crypto Academy, etc
  • Is visibly seen regularly in our Whatsapp and Discord discussions


Appreciating the giver

A popular quote says "Caregivers need care". So, we will make a post each week to appreciate all those that touched lives through the Open Happiness project. The post would be made in the middle of each week so as to also serve as a remainder to members to participate before the week runs out. We will set the givers as beneficiaries of the post. The community admins can also decide to support the givers in any other tangible ways.

How do we kick-off Open Happiness?

Today is the very launching day of Open Happiness. On Behalf of SteemAlive community, We are delighted to announce to you that Professor @gbenga of Crypto academy who is also an active member of SteemAlive community has donated 20,000 naira to Open Happiness. We did airtime giveaway few days ago and only few people won it. Professor @gbenga then elected to buy Airtime for all members of SteemAlive. 20,000 naira is currently the equivalent of 200steem.

We did a Google form in the morning today and asked our members to fill it so as to get the airtime giveaway. As you can see below, we have gotten 51 numbers:


After this post is published, we will start sending the airtime. Please once you get it, thank @gbenga in the comment section of this post.

Also, @focusnow also decided to touch 3 lives by sharing a total of 5000 naira cash them. He would later provide their names.

If you are a member os SteemAlive and you wish to give, you are free to give directly to any active members. You can choose to give through the community admin @focusnow. If you get a gift, please also mention it in this post so that we can appreciate the giver


Open Happiness is just like any other ideas or projects done by SteemAlive. Although we cannot predict the future, we are really optimistic that this project will change you and bring out the kindness in you. More important, we hope to make permanent impressions in the lives of fellow members in SteemAlive community.

We thank @steemcurator01 for always supporting our projects. To you our valued member, we thank you for supporting SteemAlive community. Together, we can rewrite history. Together we can touch lives through selfless giving. Let us Open Happiness!!! Together we can!!!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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What a beautiful community.
Huh Huh Hurray 💃💃💃💃
I'm so proud of our community @steemalive. A community that administers love, goodness, peace and treasurable values.
@steemalive is the best community I've ever found myself.
One heart and unified minds.
I'm so much grateful to the best boss and admin of steemalive @focusnow for launching this community.
You're really promoting good spirits among us.
I'll therefore try my possible best to support this community by giving and receiving.
Thankyou @gbenga for your loving gift.
#twopercent #nigeria

Honestly speaking i can see that this is not just all about group this is a family and a caring community. I have been in many groups but non like this, where you get rewarded for every little thing you do, get encouraged when you are down and even encouraged to keep making money. Honestly this is a welcome development i will try my best to contribute the this happiness, i will also strive to be more active so that someone will also bless me. Thumbs up to all that initiated sat together to bring up this idea you really are great!.
One love #steemalive
one love #steemit blog
Great mind @focusnow

 2 months ago 

Thank you Professor @gbenga,

You have really done noble.Your act of benevolence is highly appreciated.

Also a big thanks to @focusnow for making the dispatch of the airtime to be orderly and smooth.

Once again,thank you @gbenga :I wish you a lifetime of true success.

Here is a proof of the airtime


Long live @steemalive Community

#onepercent #nigeria

Wow...what a brilliant idea of such wonderful community. Truly great men don't sleep tho they rest but their result speaks for them. I'm super delighted and proud @steemalive community it's leadership and patter of growth is second to none. Kudos to @focusnow, you have my yes for the productivity and I will fully support the growth of this particular one..
More steems More Ideas. ❣️

Wow! This is a fantastic project. Big thanks to the brains behind this move. I'm very sure, this will make the community bigger and a lot better.

All the best for @steemalive

Greater @steemit!

This is massive!!! Wow👍👍👍
Thank you our professor (@gbenga) for this kind gesture, and to @focusnow for your swift-smart thinking always geared towards making everyone happy in steemalive. We are certain this would unite and bond us the more in steemalive.
You've continually shown exceptional display of leadership in all your dealings... We will always stand and support you in our own little way.

#twopercent #nigeria

This is awesome... One of the best projects by @steemalive. To everyone that will support this project, your pockets will not lack money.

To the management of @steemalive... You are a rare gem. When i grow up, I wanna be like you... Hahaha.

I got my share as promised and it was huge. I've never thought it would be this big. The first word that came out of my mouth was wow, it's quite amazing. I wish the pocket of the giver many more funds. Thanks @gbenga, you are an example that is worth emulating. To the community @steemalive, you have been a channel of blessings to others and your projects from time to time brings happiness to the hearts of the members, more knowledge to the admin. I implore all members to also emulate this great act of generosity displayed by @gbenga. I wish us all goodluck in all we do. Thanks to you all.

The foot that walk a million mile sleeps soundly afterward. I know that @focusnow and his admin are walking from million mikes to make steemalive stand the test of time. I diff my cap to you who organized this project. Hard work truly pays, you all will receive a quantum of rewards for carrying all along.

We are solidly behind steemalive. We can we will we move to succeed.

Wow, steemalive will always come up with amazing things towards its members. I am so excited to be in these community and these projects open happiness is one project that will help promote the community to they next level.
Much love to @steemalive
Proof of the rewards I got from open happiness, all thanks to @gbenga


With my experience and what i have come to know is that nothing beats giving. Even the Bible made us to realise that it's more blessed to give than to receive. Thank @focusnow and @steemalive community for this wonderful initiative, it's gonna put smile on the faces of a lot of people like it did mine today. Thank you so much @gbenga for being the first so far to smile on our faces, God bless you sir


Wow, am so excited about the launch of this project. I know it will contribute positively in making @steemalive more fun. Big thanks to the brains behind this great projects.

Thanks to @gbenga for the gift. it was timely

I just received mine #400 airtime , thank you so much @gbenga, am really grateful.

This is an awesome project
Although I'm new to steemit and steemalive, I'm proud to say I LOVE STEEMALIVE!!!💃💃💃

This is a lifechanging opportunity and I am glad it has been launched

This is so innovative and thoughtful. It's nice to be a part of this community

 2 months ago 


I duely received the airtime recharge card of open happiness project.

Thanks to @gbenga and @focusnow for the generosity.

This project is really a good initiative and I support it 100%. And I believe it will really encourage many steemalive steemians.

God bless @gbenga and @focusnow for opening the floor.

I must sincerely appreciate steemalive as a community for these wonderful initiative, I must confess i am among the first persons who have actually benefited from these amazing project titled open happiness
Below is a screenshot of my airtime. Much gratitude to @gbenga and @focusnow for these wonderful blessing. sir money into your accounts


 2 months ago (edited)

Wow, thank you so much our crypto professor @gbenga do this wonderful gift and for kick starting this amazing project. You are really kind.
I also want to appreciate @steemalive for always coming up with projects like this for the happiness of its members. I am happy to part of great initiative.

I have gotten my own airtime here is the proof.

Thanks a million times

I'm So excited about this idea.

@gbenga thank you for the gift

 2 months ago (edited)

I must confess that you are have done well @gbenga.. I just received mine now. I am so grateful to this selfless attitude, thanks very much brother and more success your way!!

@focusnow, i will not forget to bless your name for bringing this up. You are indeed a leader! Keep up your good works and as for this initiative, i'll key into it cos it aims at supporting and engaging steemians of this community. Thank you very much sir!

💃💃💃💃. Wahala for who no dey @steemalive. A community that always finds ways to involve their members and reward them with prizes for each content. Thank you for this very nice initiative. I am grateful for the gift @gbenga [email protected], I have received mine.

Nice writing post

With all the stress, illhealth and rough times I have had this past week, lethargic to even make any post, I am very awed by this act of kindness. Thanks to @gbenga, @focusnow and @steemalive crew for this open happiness. May God provide for us all that we shall all be givers and not just at the receiving end. Amen. My recharge card received and loaded. Thanks and thanks again.

Wow that's a nice post, thank you so [email protected] I received it.
Thank you so much I appreciate your efforts.

Wow this is incredible...I'm so excited. I just received a #400 airtime credit. Thank you @gbenga God bless you richly. Thank u @steemalive you are the best.

+234 816 330 4424 20210228_072010.jpg

I just received my #400 airtime, thank you so much @gbenga am really grateful. As you give to us, you will never go dry in any aspect of your life. And @focusnow I appreciate your efforts towards us, your love and kindness towards us is amazing. I pray you will never experience any lack in your life. Thank you

@gbenga thanks so very much for the charge card that was sent to me through @focusnow. I sincerely appreciate it as it has reduced my cost on recharge. Thank you.

OMG thank you @steemalive and @gbenga
Thank you so much @focusnow for your relentless effort on this community.

 2 months ago 

I must say, I commend your selfless act. The steemit professor @gbenga, community creator @focusnow. This is a wonderful initiative and I'm so glad that even with the increasing numbers of steemalive members and participants, the community still does it's best to prioritize and tend to the affairs of it's people.
Many thanks once again
Stay blessed❤️

 2 months ago (edited)

People with great minds never sleep as many things will be developed and done with their efforts. I want to applaud this idea so heavily.

It's true there's joy in giving and should be encouraged amongst us. Kudos @steemAlive and @focusnow. Thank you @gbenga, may your resources continue to overflow. Let's make this work
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Thanks you @steemalive for the great project OPEN HAPPINESS, this is really a great way of supporting members of steemalive thereby granting them a sense of belonging and feeling loved. The kick off is a great start and so much gratitude goes to @gbenga for his immense support. I got my airtime and so glad about it.


May our pockets never run dry so that we all keep this project alive like @steemalive, AMEN.

#twopercent #nigeria

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea ,im really happy,special gratitude goes to @gbenga for his immense support i got my own airtime💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

Thank you so much for
This wonderful idea
,im really happy

                 - solar-star

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

 2 months ago 
Really thankful @gbenga for the airtime giveaway. I got mine.

Also thinks this is a wonderful project launched by our community. I think it will help lives.

And this encourages us all to be active steemit members and in contributing to the growth of our already great community

I received your heart touching gift @gbenga, may your steem wallet be replenished with more steem power and SBD. Remain blessed.


Thanks a bunch Professor @gbenga. I received the gift you sent. God bless abundantly.

More fund.....

May God continue to bless the Giver who gave us this wonderful gift. it really met me in a very surprised way and I'm so happy to have received this gift it means a lot to me and I believe that soon Steemit will be one of the best token ever and will rank highest he will higher than bitcoin & bitcoin cash and so many other crypto token by then this would have been the Greatest Gift ever given to anyone on the crypto space.

Thank you and thank you once again.

Am so surprised to see this surprised gift. I am so happy and I say a big thank you to our crypto professor @Gbenga. God bless you.

This is a brilliant initiative , God bless every member of steemalive

A great movement from the [email protected] .. I know well the the movement will move a great way and will help the those in need and I appreciate everyone that will be supporting the movement....

I'm so happy to be among those who enjoyed the giveaway from crytpo professor @gbenga more to your pocket

 2 months ago 


I want to sincerely appreciate @gbenga for this.. May the Good lord bless you for this
Benevolence.. Thanks alot...

Also @focusnow for this leadership attributes and your sense of discretion that's always a good motivation for me.. Thank you so much..

Eyes have see ears have heard but mouth cannot speak all the goodness of this great community steemalive. And to our great humaniterian Gbenga who gifted me an airtime worth of N400 that is approximately $US1
Thank you Mr Gbenga for this gift am very grateful

 2 months ago 

Thank you our professor @gbenga for your kindness and generousity. Really appreciate your willingness to share with others. Thanks too to @focusnow for this great project, I believe it is going to positively impact on steemalive and steemit in general.
#twopercent #nigeria

This is awesome. Thanks to @steemlive and Professor @hbenga for this goodness project.
Indeed, there is more joy in giving than receiving.

Great idea.

Wow, this is am amazing idea, i want to special thank @gbenga for this big givaway, i got my own May God continue to bless you. And to the admin of this great community @focusnow, you are doing well, keep doing what you are doing. Thanks again.

Wow,I love this [email protected] so much. I was very surprised by the reward .If someone had told me outside I wouldn't have believed it. I love this community so much. It's already more than a community,it's one big family. Thank you @gbenga for doing this and I also appreciate our admin @focusnow . Thank you very much. keep winning ❤️

Hello @gbenga and @focusnow
Indeed I'm so grateful for the for the unlimited support you people have been rendering to all the Steemians in Nigeria and also those that aren't Nigerians. It's very difficult to see such people like you people in our society today who are doing everything possible in giving a stranger betterlife. I pray that may you people continue to find favour, upliftment, More Blessings from God and more Wining in Life.

The form that I filled do late when it has already reach the deadline you people still suprise me with the Airtime of #400


Thank you and God Bless you.


This is just wow... Thank you our own @gbenga and @focusnow for this great kind gestures. This will only open more doors of open happiness in the community which has been anticipated.
I can categorically tell us that, this is a right move in a right direction. God bless everyone

I never know it's something much like this when this project was launched, it surpassed my imagination when I load the recharge cards. To @steemalive, this community will grow, @focusnow, more wisdom as you supervise the growth of this community and @gbenga, God bless you more boss.
Thanks so much for the show of love, I hope this act will be reciprocated by all.
#twopercent #nigeria

This is truly amazing, it just reminds me the saying, givers never lack, thank you so much @gbenga, @focusenow and @steemcurator01 for your kind gestures, may God continue to reward you.


Thank you very much professor @Gbenga i just received my #400 airtime courtesy the open project, launched by @focusnow i'm super excited in this our @stewmAlive community in my own right I will tag it as the best community on #steemit block chain. Once again let me use this medium to thank @focusnow, boss You are the type of brain we need to move this country to a place where it's suppose to be. God bless you boss. @Kingcent cares

What an amazing gift from @focusnow. Our able boss who's generous and kindhearted.
I just received an airtime of #400 from him.
This project launched by you will really give us avenue to experience the joy of giving.

 2 months ago 

This is a great projects and I am happy to be part of this community. I will gladly support thid project in anyway I can.

Great job @steemalive and @focusnow.

Hurray. What a great community I got the card thanks @steemalive @focusnow and all others in support of the giveaway. So many cards giveaway has been done in the community group chat. But I was never lucky to win just one. Thanks for the new giveaway style I love it. Thanks once again

Wow what a wonderful community I am very grateful of this idea, I hope to be one of the givers. Thanks @steemalive bigger thanks @focusnow and good luck @gbenga let the love continue to reign

Amazing Project I must say..

Kudos to all those who brought this to reality.

this is absolutely great

This is wonderful ,beautiful project by @steemalive

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