LID Traffic update for today Friday 25/6/2021 (Spotlight:: Ambulance)

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Goodmorning and welcome to our traffic update today. We hope you are doing fine. We use today to report strictly traffic. So when you leave home for work or school, capture images of traffic in various roads and streets. Tell us whether the traffic is heavy of not. You can say the direction of traffic and what anyone passing through there should expect. Once you capture the traffic, head over to the comment section of this post and make your report


How to Make a Traffic LID report

1. Start with a selfie: The first report should be a selfie. So when you wake up in the morning, take a selfie. Then make a report with the selfie. You can talk about how your night was and your morning too. You can mention specific places you will go within the day and thing you will do.

2.. Traffic Updates: Your second and other posts should be strictly about traffic. Please do not make other usually reports. Everything should be strictly about traffic. So capture interesting traffic images as you go out or go about your normal businesses. Reports much traffic as you can. The best traffic images are shot from the top. So try to climb an elevated building or platform and take your traffic images there.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. We encourage members to support other members by making comments on their LID reports. This way, we can enjoy the reports and feel happy too. So each time you drop one LID report, try to engage at least one other reporter by making a comment on their post.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Ambulance. Capture an ambulance. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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First Lid Report
Location: Oron Road Uyo
Time: 9:55Am
Date: 25/6/2021

Good morning my fellow Lid Repoters. I had a very sound sleep last night. Hope you guys have a peaceful night rest too. I woke up very early this morning, prepare my child for school and we conducted our morning worship. After taking her to school, I went to my farm to cut some vegetables for the family use. I will be going to the bank today for some transactions. More updates are coming, stay tuned.

Morning selfie

 4 months ago 

@chichieze.good evening, how was your day

Fine ma'am thanks for caring

A deligent mother you are keep it up

Thanks dear

 4 months ago 

First LID Report//Morning selfie
Time: 9:08am
Location: ABA, Abia State Nigeria
Date: 25, June 2021

Good morning Friends, how was you night, mine was nice but stressful.
But thank God for life and protection, enjoy your day and also check out for my second LID report

Wow. Nice one. We will stay tuned for more

Nice post, and take care of yourself thank you.

 4 months ago 

1st Lid report
Time :8am
Date :25-06-2021
Location :Ilorin
Good morning everyone, how was your yesterday, trust you all had a nice night.
I woke up a little bit late having had stressful day but right now I am fine and really feeling strong. Already dressed up for today's activities

Wish you all the best of today.

Have a great day ahead

 4 months ago 


Location: immaculate aba
Date: 25/06/2021
Time: 06:12am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, i hope your night was good.
Mine night was okay at least am okay now and i wake up this morning and said my morning prayer and then start preparing for work, later I will start preparing for mine food which I need to eat before going to work, well stay tuned for more update.

 4 months ago 

Good morning Sir @val123 it's good to know that you had a good night rest.

Hope u did enjoy the breakfast?

 4 months ago 

My first lid
Location: IFA
My morning selfie

Good morning my fellow lid reporters, how was night, trust you all slept well,
For my side it has not been easy with me, for 2 days now,i have not sleep well because my husbandwas so sick, Wednesday night we nearly lose hope,but i thank God today is better than other days,my activities in Steemit has been affected so much,this morning i checked our telegram page,it was like i left the group for a month now,
Am happy to report this morning,i love Steemit family, may you all have a blessed day,i remain your partner in success @ijelady

 4 months ago 

1st LID Report
Location: Ogbor Hill.
Time: 8:35
Date: 25/6/2021

Greetings my people on steemit how was your night? I believe you all had a nice sleep, my night was splendid, I slept very well because of the fine cold weather, thank God today is Friday.
morning selfie


Enjoy yourselves.

Good morning Sir, happy to hear from you today. Sorry for the cold

Frist lid report
Location: uyo

Greetings to all, am excited to be among today's reporter,l slept well like a baby and l woke up by 6:03am , l pray and conduct my daily text. Today am on morning duty , so am going to work even do ,it is raining hard and heavy in uyo.
Now on duty

It about to rain
Stay tune for more update
Have a wonderful day ahead

 4 months ago 

1st lid
location- Aba

I salute you all wonderful people, I believe you had a cool night and you are strong this morning.

morning selfie


I had a good sleep and I'm doing good this morning. I woke up early today and I'm already out for today's activities.

Have a wonderful day.

First LID report
Location: wukari in taraba state

Good morning my fellow steemians how are you doing? I hope we all sleep well it's my pleasure to be here with you people again.

I wake up by 6:12am and the first thing i did was i thank God for this great opportunity to be among the living.
Thank you wish you a better day ahead.
Enjoy your day.

 4 months ago 

Good morning. Thank God for the gift of life .
Have a pleasant day

Thank you my lovely sister

 4 months ago 

@manexatime thank you for this report, we hope to receive more updates on how your day is turning out.
Have a great day ahead

You are welcome my brother

1st lid report morning selfi
Nsikak Edouk Uyo
Time: 7:45am
Date: 35/6/2021


Good morning my family how is everyone in this family? Hope you all had a pleasant sleep, mine was partially find due to my child illness at night he has fever throughout the night and he couldn't breathe well because of cattarh.
I wake up this morning and briefly conduct our morning worship and run to kitchen to prepare their breakfast and do some house chores. After preparing him I will drop him in school and head to my shop.
Since today is my family worship evening,by 1:30pm I will go and pick him in school and prepare his second lunch and make him relax and get ready for the family worship evening. Take care of yourselves and have a lovely and a wonderful day.

Nice post, I wish your baby quick recovery

Thank you sir for your consent

I wish your baby quick recovery

1st lid report
Location:208 Azikiwe rd Aba

Good mooning friends, hope you all have gone to your various businesses. Myself, i slept very well last night and woke up around 6:30am. I did some house chores like washing of clothes and other things. After that, i got prepared and left to our steemit office to recruite someone.

Right now am in the office with him

16246135452071342437237.jpg**myself, @samuel20 and my recruite, Mr orji

 4 months ago 

Good afternoon dear.
Enjoy your day

First lid
Location: uyo
Date: 25/6/21
Good morning my fellow steemits, hope your night was fine, mine was good, I woke up at about 6 21 am, say morning prayers, take my bath and wash plates, I left the house at about 7.45am to mtn office
IMG_20210625_084429_3.jpgI had sim issue, I stayed there till 10 o'clock, the crown was much I could not do what I went to do, i now went back to shop, right now am in the shop,
IMG_20210625_103747_9.jpg, enjoy your day, have a wonderful time, will be back with more report

 4 months ago 

First lid report
Owerri road, Aba
10:30 am

Good morning fellow lid reporters. Haw are you doing?
I woke up by 5am and started off with my phone.
By 8am I arranged the house and started preparing to go out for the day ahead.
When I was done preparing, I went to see my neighbors family to identify with them on the birth of a bouncing baby boy.
Am always excited at the birth of a baby because Child birth is a gift from God.
I am now at work.
Please stay tuned for more updates to come.
Have a nice day.


1st lid post
Time: 11am
Location: ilorin


Good morning steemians trust our night was good.
All thanks to God for waking us all this Morning am on my way to school already late for practicals.thanks

 4 months ago 

Best of luck in your practicals

 4 months ago 

2nd Lid report
Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time :12:40
Spotlight : ambulance 🚑



Good afternoon fellow steemians.
I trust our day is going well.
I stopped by at the hospital on my way out to capture today's spotlight.

See you later with more reports.

U really try dear is not easy


Locations Azuka Aba
Date: 25/June/ 2021

Good afternoon my good people, it's in did my pleasure to be here once again. I hope you all are having a good day? my day is going well, I'm out to take a snap of today's spotlight, is very easy, because I just stand in front of my shop an snap it.

Spotlight:: Ambulance.


Special regards:

 4 months ago 

This is good, thank God you didn't fall off 😄😄😄 have a great day.

 4 months ago 

Nice shot From right angle, i hope you are having a good day

My guy it is a good bonus for you enjoy your day

 4 months ago 

2nd lid
location- Ogborhill Aba
Spotlight - Ambulance

Good afternoon steemians and fellow Lid reporters. Hope you are having a good day and your area is cool. Mine is cool here.




I have been piping through my window since morning to see if I can get an ambulance, finally got one.

Continue having a good day.

Nice spotlight keep it up

 4 months ago (edited)

2nd Lid Report.
Spotlight: Ambulance
Location: Aba North.
Time 4:49

Good afternoon my good people on a great platform (steemit), it's in did my pleasure to be here once again. I hope you all are having a great day? my day is going well, I'm out to take a snap of today's spotlight futunately I found one.



I wish you all well for the remaining hour of the day.

 4 months ago 

First LID report
Location: ogborhill in abia State.

I wake up 6am thanking God for another day because it hasn't been too easy.
After that I washed my fruit and eat before I started doing my morning chores, after that I took some rest, preparation to go to work.

Second LID Report

Time: 5:05
Location: ABA
Date: 25/6/2021
Spotlight for today.


 4 months ago 

Second lid report
Aba owerri road, Aba

Good evening friends, how have your day been?
Am back with the traffic situation aroubd my area.
Bellow is the traffic situation at brass junction at this material time.


This is the progress of the work ongoing besides Gabi filling station off Aba owerri road, where an investor is interlocking the road to give the access road to the shop a good look.


Location: immaculate aba
Date: 25/06/2021
Time: 07:12am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
How are you doing, I hope it moving well, but am sorry for reporting late, I have been busy in the office since morning and now am doing my 2nd lid report with my morning breakfast and what I ate it beans and bread and since morning till now am still feeling okay, well that is all I have for now thank you.

 4 months ago 

First LID Report
Friday, 25th June 2021.
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.

Good day everyone. Hoping you had a pleasant day. though it drizzled at the early hours of today. The day turned out very bright. With the highest temperature being 28°C and the the lowest temperature 22°C.


I will call this 'Clement weather'. I had a class by 10:00Am and made it on time. After the class, I had enough time to look into today's spotlight. The spotlight for today is an ambulance. It was the idea that an abundance rush sick people to the hospital, and often has a paramedic for first aid. What is the function of our local ambulance service. Get answers in my second spotlight. I remain @manuelhooks reporting for LID report Uyo.
 4 months ago 

Second LID Report
Friday, 25th June 2021.
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.
(Spotlight:: Ambulance)

Should it happen that a man loose consciousness and is carried into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. If he should regain consciousness midway. Upon hearing the siren wailing, he most likely will say. "Stop it right here!, I am not dead". This is because our local ambulance is a vehicle for the dead. They are only used in the ceremonial transfer of the dead from the morgue wth the paramedic being replaced by the undertaker.

Captured at the University of Uyo Clinic
The true purpose of the ambulance is lost and the stench of death is all over it. It was only last year that the true purpose of the ambulance was partially revamped by the Covid19 pandemic. The ambulance was used to move infected persons to isolation centres. Let's help the ambulance regain its real status, a tool for saving lives and not one that glorifies death.
This is @manuelhooks reporting for today's second LID report.

2nd lid post
Location: ilorin
Good evening everyone trust our day was fine.
I had lot's of gist today in school, talked about crypto and other things, got home very tired ,had to bath and sleep just woke up.
Happy weekend to everyone

 4 months ago 

My second lid
Greetings everyone
How was your day,i hope everything went as planned.
Am happy to to tell us that my husband is 50% better now than in the morning,he is taking his medication as prescribed by his Doctor,i am making sure he is taking it at the right time,
Later this evening i went to Ewet housing extension to visit a friend who is not feeling fine too, she was very happy that i visited her,
Things that captured my attention on way to my friend house.


Thank you all for being there for me,
Good night

First lid Report
Time : 8:50 am
Date :25/6/3021
Location: Ohanku Road Aba Abia State

Hello fellow steemians greetings to you all.
How was your night? I hope fine, and also to me.

I slept well over the night with sweet dream though I wake up from sleep very late.

I said my morning prayer and then conduct our family morning worship.
By 6 30 am there was a little rain fall in my area.

I plan to go to work, also to visit saint Johns Jesus Hospital at Ohanku Road Aba. And to visit UBA BANK at Azikewe Road by Asa Road Aba Abia State.
All these will be possible if God Jehovah permit.

Second lid

I was in school so i took a stroll to our health center and got the spotlight for today.

You really represent

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 25/06/2021
Time: 07:49pm
3rd lid report


Good evening my fellow steemians,
As I just came back from work and I have to branch at market to buy a food stuffs and I end up to buy a egusi soup.

Well that is all I have for you now and thank you for taking your time to read my post.

Second Lid Report
Spotlight : Ambulance
Location : Saint Anthony's hospital Aba no
Time : 11 : 00 pm
Date : 25/06/2021

Good day fellow steemians, this is my second lid Report for the day. It was not so easy for me, because I have to go to the saint Anthony's Mortuary hospital Aba located at Etche Road by East to get the snapshot. Thanks a lot.

3rd lid Report
Traffic Update
Time : 11:42 pm
Location : Mosque street Aba Abia State
Date : 25/06/2021

Dear fellow steemians this is the picture of traffic update. During the evening hour I was passing along Mosque street, between Ndoki Road up to School road there was a serious traffic hold up as you can see from the picture below