The Diary Game 24.11.2021 | Preparing Jelly Custard Pudding | #club100

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Hi friends in this community.
I hope you are all well. So today I brought you a very tasty dish. It's Jelly Custard Pudding. This is very interesting. You can make this at home and eat it as a dessert. So let me show you how to set this up correctly.

steemit recipe.jpg

So let's see how to set this up.



❶ - Fresh milk 500 ml
❷ - Custard powder 6 tbsp
❸ - Sugar 5 tbsp
❹ - Jelly 1

small line shehan8.png


First add some custard powder and sugar to the milk.

small line shehan8.png

Dissolve well until the cubes disappear.


small line shehan8.png

Then add about two cups of hot water to the jelly and let it simmer.


small line shehan8.png
Place the custard milk mixture on the stove.


small line shehan8.png
Put on the stove until the mixture thickens and then remove from the oven.


small line shehan8.png
Then put it in another bowl.


small line shehan8.png
Take a LumiSheet and cover the custard and let it dry.


small line shehan8.png
Then put the jelly jar in the fridge.


small line shehan8.png
Then take the jelly and place it on top of the custard and refrigerate for about 5 hours.


small line shehan8.png


small line shehan8.png

This is how it is set up correctly. I hope you like it. A very tasty dish for dessert. Then give it a try today. This did not take long to process. Thanks for reading my article and see you again.


Very sweet custard,when I see that my mouth full of water, please gave me some.

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