Abia State Steem Road Show at a Glance:Weekly Road Show Summary

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Abia State has a lot of promoters who have made it a point of duty to create awareness about steem and Steemit every passing week.They do it with a high level of passion and commitment and it has indeed become part of them.

Interestingly,Abia state has two major cities where promotion about Steemit takes place.The two cities are Aba city and Umuahia city both in Abia state.Aba city has two groups (teams).This means that there are three major Promotional groups in Abia State.They are:

Overtakers Team@peterabagiAba
Winners Team@kingreechyAba
Indomitable Team@ladyofpolicyUmuahia

Our Promoters for last Week

Our promoters are spread across Aba and Umuahia.They are productive fellows and are all active users and they also embrace the #club5050.After each weekly road show and other promotional activities.Our hardworking members in Abia will write a post highlighting their activities, including how they promoted and signed up newbies too.Here is a list of our promoters for last week across Aba city and Umuahia city.

@samuel20 @peterabagi @kingreechy
@sammylinks @uzoma24 @osolife
@marajah @goodness4real @ijebest
@ladyofpolicy @tripplem @jueco
@wealthmary @marmasworld

Here is a list of Abia state promoters activities for last week(8th Nov to 13th Nov)

PromotersPost Link

Powering up Another 200 Steem

Like I mentioned earlier,our promoters in Abia supports the #club5050 initiative.I have also been powering up over the past two weeks.I powered up 200 Steem today so as to show full support for the clubs and to lead by example.

After Power up

Before Power up


I wish to thank all the promoters in Abia State for always making out time to promote Steemit in their cities.I am also impressed with the fact that all of us are powering up on a regular basis.I hope we continue to do that so as as to get the support we deserve.I also wish to thank @focusnow for always making us stronger and United.


Thank you @samuel20 for this amazing report. Thank you again for supporting #club5050

 3 years ago (edited)

@uzoma24 You are welcome sir

Powering up is an investment worth doing.Forward ever,backward never!!!

 3 years ago 

Yes ooo, continious powering up is my desire. Thanks for your timely update our city coordinator @samuel20

 3 years ago 

@samuel20, thank you

 3 years ago 

Thank you our ever ready, hard working, relentless state coordinator…: I appreciate your efforts .., and well detailed timely reports.

Let’s steem to the moon

Here is a list of our promoters for last week across Aba city and Umuahia city.

Hi @samuel20,
You did a marvelous works of compilation of promotional activities for Abia State promoters and volunteers. Thanks

 3 years ago 

You are welcome bro @sammylinks

We are glad that Abia State has lots of active and hardworking promoters.I really wish everyone will get the desired support.

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