The second wave of the Nobel coronavirus, And a little coronavirus update our Bangladesh

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Wave of the Nobel Coronavirus

Needless to say: coronavirus infections are a serious problem in many parts of the world. The epidemic caused by the coronavirus has upset every celebrity. On the other hand, the normality of human life is being disrupted. Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina recently directed to prepare for the second wave of coronavirus. Europe is getting a sample of how terrible the second wave can be.The top two countries with the highest records of infections and deaths are the United States and India, which are now running from the first, and the second shocks are starting to hit the. European countries sooner rather than later. According to a report, the first detection of coronavirus in the country was reported on March 8, the first death in the country on March 17 in the last 10 days. Although the infection was slow in the beginning, the situation started getting worse in mid-May and intensified in June. In a country where the coronavirus has now killed more than 5,000 people, scientists and doctors fear the situation could worsen next winter. We think that we have to take all possible steps to prevent the situation from happening as soon as possible and we have to be prepared keeping in view the danger of the second phase of infection. We want to make every effort to deal with the situation.

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