Diary Game// How I spent my day// 10% payout to @steemalive by @patience90

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Hello diary, it's me again and I want to share my activities for Tuesday 12th September 2021 with you and I hope you keep it safe.



Thank God it's morning and we are glad to be among the living and for the provision and protection.
That's how we thank God during devotion that commenced by 5:15am.
Afterwards, I went to do chores and the first thing is to set bathing water on the fire after sweeping the kitchen then I made breakfast of boiled yam, stew and boiled eggs for the kids and I then I cooked wheat for big bros..
After all the cooking and arranging the house, I went round the house to snap pictures of flowers for my contest then I took my bath and slept a little till noon.


Some of my flowers collection



By noon, I decided to check on the shop to know what's going on because it's been a while I went but I made sure I left food for the people at home.IMG_20211012_122707_944.jpg

Stepping out of the house, I realized it was sunny and I quickly returned inside and got my sun shade ( I love rocking them sha (lol) and called my bike man (That's my personal uber) to come pick me from home.

IMG_20211012_123932_961.jpgOn our way, I spotted some beautiful flowers across Kini Country Guests Inn walls and I pleated with the bike man so I can snap some and I eventually plug some petals

Reaching the shop, everyone was happy to see and Kosisochukwu (my friend's son) won't let me be as usual.

I now fixed the flower petals on his hairIMG_20211012_131837_476.jpg

Later I was able to sew my gown which I've started last month and abondoned and also sewed a blouse that was already cut by my friend for a customer.



That took me to evening then I returned home because the day was becoming dark.
After reaching home, I took my bath and retired to bed...all thanks to my niece who remembered to boil water for bathing and also cook for the dogs.
Pheww! That was a relief to me.



My day was well spent and I really appreciate God for making it so.
Thanks for reading my diary.

Cc: @steemalive

Best regards

 2 months ago 

Nice day well spent, I love flowers and you really captured beautiful and colourful flowers during the day, keep on steeming to the moon and beyond

 2 months ago 

Thank you

 2 months ago 

Wow, you spend your day well, I love your sunshade, how much steem will it cost because this akwanga sun is not here ooo.

 2 months ago 

Haha thanks.
It will cost about 9 steem if steem is sold at the rate of 250 naira.

 2 months ago 

It looks nice to behold these beautiful flowers that beautiful our environment. God is wonderful indeed. Weldone @patience90

 2 months ago 


I really do love flowers, it caught my fancy. Thanks for sharing with us

 2 months ago 

You are welcome and thanks for getting your attention

You are welcome.

I liked the part you said that your okada man was your uber its funny. And how you put the flower his head. Thank you for sharing your days activities.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for reading.

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