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Good evening everyone. How was your day? Happy to be here to give you a descriptive view of my day.

Morning Activities

Morning activities are more predictable than that of the afternoons. With the rains now in full swing, its important to use any brake it gives to maximum. After my breakfast, I went to the saloon to get a haircut.
At the saloon

After the haircut I went back home to take a bath to freshen up. Next to the bank and then back again(going to the bank is a regular ritual for me).
For one thing I have to re -save what I had collected from my customers especially for safety reasons.

Back from the bank, I switched on the television to watch the review of yesterday champions league highlights. I was very shocked when I found out that Manchester United were beaten by Young Boys despite the fact that Christian Ronaldo played.

Afternoon Activities

When it was exactly 3pm I got ready for work. Before leaving I called my wife to say hi. After that, I rode off to work.
On my way I saw a group of students running around and playing.

It brought back memories of my school days when I used to do the same things I saw them doing.

At that same moment too, I remember a movie I had watched of a scientist who invented a "time machine" that can take one back to the past to reverse a bad tragedy. I knew in my mind that that was not possible. So I continue my ride.

Evening Activities

At about 6pm I started coming back home. When I got home, I called my again to see how close she was to getting home.
Not long after the call, she was back. And we inquired of how each us had spent our day. What more? Ok, we had dinner and We watched the champions league.


Well, my day was very great and I enjoyed every moment. I pray that all us be protected by Jehovah God Almighty till we see tomorrow.


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