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Greetings everyone,how are you all doing today??? I believe everyone is doing great today and I believe today was productive?? Am glad to report how I spent my Sunday with you all today.


As we all know that Sundays are for church since it's the Lord's day, although there are some people that worship on a different day as well. So on Sunday,I woke up very early and prepare for first service which usually start by 6:30 am.and am glad that I was able to get there on time.





Some pictures from church

So after the second service,I took a few pictures with my friend and we went to my house from there to take care of something which lasted for hours before I went to see her off.



After seeing my girlfriend off,around 2pm I was coming back to my own house when I saw an aboki man selling a very fresh and catchy sugar cane so I stopped by to buy some for myself but the sugar cane was very sweet that I even had to start eating it at the spot where I bought it.





Buying some sugar cane



When I got home and rested for sometime, I decided to loose my hair since it's already very old and I did that till it became very dark but luckily for me there was light, so after loosing my hair I ate my dinner.



This was actually how I spent my Sunday,I believe you all had a very wonderful Sunday as well. Thanks friends for visiting my blog,do well to like and comment on my post as I will gladly reply your comments,I love you all.

Special mention;

 2 months ago 

Wow it's been a while since I ate sugar cane. I have not seen it here since I came. Any day I visit umuahia, I will love to have a taste....

So you finally loosed that hair, I hope the next one will look beautiful.....

Keep sharing quality content in steemalive community.

 2 months ago 

Mama there is no next hair till January oooo
Wig go do the rest Biko
Money no dey on ground currently

Wow... I can remember when last I ate sugar cane ..I love sugar cane so much hope is sweet

 2 months ago 

it's very very sweet dear

 2 months ago 

@ladyofpolicy really had a good Sunday.Thanks for sharing,keep steeming dear.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much ma'am
I've missed you oooo

 2 months ago 

Thank you my dear.I am back now.we shall steem together this December.

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