Local Business Review: Let's go Plaza market square at Oron road Uyo Akwa Ibom State

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Screenshot_20220708_053525.jpg[google map](Uyo Plaza By Oron Road
https://maps.app.goo.gl/P9K8pD8vnHfAaHUEA) physical address


Good morning great minds of steemit, i bring you greetings from Nigeria, how are you doing this morning, it 5:40 am in Nigeria. I want to share with a business review I did at Plaza yesterday as i went to plaza to buy palm Silpas.

Plaza is known in Uyo city as a very busy area from 5:am till 10:pm every day, plaza do not know days but busines, it is a place where you can see original and fake Products and fake people too. The heart of the town where a lot of busineses is there, infact whatever you need you will buy it there only that you need to be extremely careful.

In this business review I will also tell you short story of what happened between a bus driver and a Keke driver and agboro people. Just be patient to read from the start till the end.

Canvas shoes(1)

IMG_20220708_000610.jpgcanvas shoes

Why canvas shoes? This is because is a fitting shoe that goes along with Jean and chinos trousers, when you wear jean and Polo or with t-shirt, the truth is that you will look for fitted canvas. The fitting for both male and female is the same, infact for children, canvas make them look big and give them shakara step. Each time my last born dress on canvas, he will be happy and proud of his outfit. No wonder all the schools encourage all students to wear canvas on sport day.

all the canvas you see here is 4k per one, only for adults and that is 40 steem. The truth is that it will serve you for years and make you look young.

Men shoes (2)

IMG_20220708_000548.jpg Men quality sheos

The weather was not favourable when i went there so the owner covered it with nilion. During the interview, he said he has some of 5k and 7k that is between 50 steem to 70 steem. He assured me that if i buy it and within 1 year the shoe peel i should return it that he knows what he is giving me because i told him that I want to buy it for my Son.

Men Sandals (3)

IMG_20220708_000532.jpgMen Sandals

When it comes to Men sandals, it is easy going, you can wear it plain trouser and t-shirt, you can also wear it with senator or native attire. The price is friendly 4k or 40 steem.

Men clothes and palm (4&5

IMG_20220708_000450.jpg This goods owned by Aniebiet

What we have her is known as Aba clothes and shoes, it is for youn guys, they love it so much because it helps them look good as they claim, as for the palm Silpas, it is a casual wear anytime anywhere.

Jewelry showcase by Akpan(6)

IMG_20220708_000429.jpgjewelry showcase

Here in plaza, if you want to buy jewelry, you need to be very careful so that you will not buy imitation and call it original. This guy's can decieve you front and back honestly. Again your bag need to be handy so that you not look for money to buy things after pricing it.

Silpas I bought for my Son (15 steem)


You know i will not just pay my way to plaza without buying anything, i bought Silpas for my Son with 15 steem.

IMG_20220708_051204.jpgBiscuits by a young girl who is hawking

Bus driver and Keke and agboro guys

IMG_20220708_051719.jpgAn Interesting story

It was really a funny situation the bus driver wanted to ease himself so he removed all the money he has and put it in his bag not knowing that the money did not go down inside the bag that it was hanging you know when somebody is pressed so he stepped out and the money dropped on the ground.

A Keke driver who also parked there saw the money and pick it up he did not call the bus driver to say sir see your money he hold the money, as the man came out he called him and said, Sir, this is your money so the man now look at the man and said yes is my money he handed the money over to him he confirmed it and it was this money.

As he turned to greet the Keke man thank you so much, agboro guys gathered. do you know what happened? they ask the Keke driver why do you hand the money over to him? how are you sure the money is his own? take the money back from him. The money is not your money how many 500 naira is inside tell us how much it is and how many one 1000? It became another story before you know it some even carry plank some want to fight the man.

so when we look around, I noticed that the bus driver is somebody I know I have to go close and ask him what is happening? Seeing how those guys were behaving, i asked him to give me his bag, phone and his car key. As he handed over those things to me they now turned to me and asked, is he your husband, is she your wife but we did not answer any of them and they did not allow him to step out until one tall huge guy came and asked, what happened?

The bus driver explained and he asked the Keke driver what happened? I need only the truth from you. Immediately the Keke driver said the truth and he said.

The bus driver is the owner of the money, Oga enter your bus and go and he told all the agboro, oya you guys should hide immediately.

What you need to know about business at Plaza

Location:The location is one the best in Uyo because it connects all the major roads in Uyo which Oron road is the biggest.

Pricing:The truth is that what ever you are buying that has to do with clothes, phones, laptop etc, going to plaza is always the best option.

Things youcanbuy at Plaza
Sim cardlaptop

This and many more you will buy at Plaza.

Special mention to

 3 months ago 

People around do mention this market square located at Oron road over here in my city. The plaza is huge and things are very cheap. I wish am living around your city, I would love to visit the market square.

The drama is one of it's kind. Agboro people, may god forgive them. As for the Keke driver, Jehovah will reward him in full.
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 3 months ago 

Sure, agboro all over Nigeria have the same attitude.

Thank you for quick verification

 3 months ago 

No be small thing. I wish federal government will seriously look into their matter.

Thanks for your kind commendations

@ijelady,this is really a nice review and I think the plaza is really a huge one because you mentioned many things that are soled there.

Thank you for the review and can't wait to read on your next post.

 3 months ago 

Plaza is a very busy and funny place to be
There's no day that records of fights are not kept especially by the agboros. You did well by stepping in to help the man.

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That plaza must be something special as it is a point that connects so many areas and people.

It is cool seeing a lot of items and products being sold in the market.

It's sad to see the behavior of the agberos in that situation. Sadly enough, they are everywhere.

Thank you @ijelady for this interesting piece.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for reading through my post @janro42

Those jewelleries are beautiful as well as the men clothes and palm.

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