The diary game: My diary for this day Tuesday 5th October 2021/ written by @ Harmony 55.

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Hello fellow steamians.Good morning to everyone. Hope all is well.Thank God for preserving our lives till today. It is my pleasure to bring to your attention how I spent my day Tuesday 5th October ,2022. MORNING: When I woke up In the morning around 7am, while while still in the bed doing some calculations on how my activities for the day should be carried out.After that careful calculations and planning. I gathered my family members for our family morning worship in appreciation to our almighty father Jehovah for helping us to sleep soundly and woke healthy to see the light of the day including his blessings and loving kindness towards us.

When. we finished, the next thing Is to take my bath, brush my teeth, then take my breakfast in preparation for onward movement to the office.My breakfast that morning was Iba and vegetable After that I have to wait for a friend who said that he is coming.While waiting for him, I have to use the opportunity to engage my self in a personal study of the scripture.I extensively for some time increasing my knowledge of God,s word.Foto.The study was finally interopted by the visit of the friend I mentioned earlier. AFTER attending to him, he left, by then it is already afternoon.


AFTERNOON PERIOD: Since I am still at home, there is no need to go out looking for where to eat outside, I have to eat at home before going After taking my lunch, I moved straight to the office to do some of the things waiting for me there, including seeing those that informed me that they are coming. Upon reaching office, the first assignment I handled was making waybill of our products (Gold milk) to Mbaise in IMO STATE.

After returning from there I have to relax a bit, refreshing my self with the snacks I bought on the way. While doing this,at the same time watching from my office window to see and enjoy the traffic flow of Azikiwe Road at the junction opposite my office.Foto.I saw some passengers entering buses going to their different destinations and those returning from the nearby ABA shopping center along Asa Road ABA.After the refreshment, time came for me to attend the seminar we arranged at Trevin Hotel at 135 Okigwe Road ABA (Foto)


EVENING :At the end of the seminar , I came back to the office, pick some items and heads towards home to meet other family members who have also returned from their respective business. We welcomed each other, share our experiences on the activities of the day. After this, I have to take my bath, listen to Radio news, take my dinner and finally go to sleep.Thereby ending the activities of the day in a such a fine way, with the credit going to Jehovah for the things accomplished in the day. Thank you for reading my post.See you tomorrow.


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