My diary game season 3: My journey back to Enugu : 22/5/2021 by godsbest

in SteemAlive2 years ago

Dear diary
It's not news that the previous day was marked by continuos stress and rigurs; I woke up to start another journey back to my base in Enugu.

I had gone to shopping center to collect some fabrics for my sowing after which I headed for the park.


Me in the fabric shop

The journey
The journey was quite interesting and fast but the police obstruction was much due to the increasing crime rate I'm Nigeria; Nevertheless we arrived safely.
I got to the house very tired from there was nothing to eat meanwhile I had taken food in the afternoon so I had to go to bed.



My journey back home


Thank God for journey mercy....

 2 years ago 

Thank you dear.. Thanks for stopping by

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