Stew - A unique recipes prepared by I and my mom

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Hi friends 👋
I'm certain that cooking alongside your mother in the kitchen has a splendid feeling. A feeling that you are scared of either being scolded or praised by your mom when you do good.

For me, I prefer cooking meals with my mom in the kitchen than cooking with my Dad. This is simply because my dad will scold me more than she does. Most of you will concur with me. To go on, I want to share this recipe my mom prepared as I assisted her in the kitchen.

Although I don't fully know how she made it but it was the a very unique stew.

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Some ingredients Used

  • Pumpkin leaves (ugụ)
  • Red oil
  • Grounded melon (egusi)
  • Salt
  • Maggi
  • Pepper
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Onions

Looking at the ingredients, it seems like it's a melon soup, but going down, there are tomatoes and onions which makes it a stew. We prepared it to eat with rice (stewed rice.)

Slicing the pumpkin leaves

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Some procedures used in preparing the food

First of all, I parboiled the rice and cooked it adding salt, and cooked it till it was done. This is the first part of every rice and stew.


The parboiled rice

After that, my mom came in to prepare this unique stew with her secret recipe. I didn't know where she got this recipe from because it was my first time seeing it and eating it.

  • Step1: Pour the red oil into a frying pan. Add salt and allow the oil to heat up before pouring in the largely chopped onions.

  • Step2: Fry the onions till it turns brown. Put the chopped fresh tomatoes. Stir very well to prevent it from burning. Add pepper and seasoning (maggi).

  • Step3: Put the grounded melon into a clean plate and add water to it. Stir gently so that any solid particle like sand, stone, etc sinks down to the bottom of the plate leaving the clean melon above.


Our special recipe

  • Step4: Pour the melon (egusi) into the mixture and stir thoroughly. Add a little more salt to taste as desired.
    Allow to boil for two minutes.

  • Step5: Dish the stew on the rice. Best served when hot.


Food is ready to be eaten

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I was very happy to eat this deliriously delicious stew. You know the most important part? You can also eat it as soup with either eba, garri or semo.
All that was ringing in my mind was that "everyone is a cook".
My mom always tell us stories about her late father - my late grandfather - who turns little things into great, nutritious and sumptuous meals for his family. What a lovable father he was. I wish I at least met/saw him. Wait, could it be that my Mom learnt this recipe and other ones from her Dad? Yes! I was thinking the same.

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I think I should try out my own different recipe to prepare a soup or a stew without actually using tomato paste and the normal way to make a red stew. I need your suggestion. I'll make a post later after preparing it.

Special thanks
100% to @steemalive

 last year 

My brother,I know this melon stew very well and in short,I will make one for you and you will see the difference.

You have really showed us step by step on how you prepared this very great food.

As it is rich in nutrional Benefits.

Thanks you very much @ogwo
I'll love to see yours ASAP

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