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Movie Reception & Remakes

Release date : 2000
Genre : Adventure/Drama
Duration : 2h 24m


IMDB Rating : 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 89%
Metacritic : 73%
Google users : 91% liked this film

Director : Robert Zemeckis
Produced by : Steve Starkey, Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke
Written by : William Broyles Jr.

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Tom Hanks as " Chuck Noland "
Helen Hunt as " Kelly Frears "
Nick Searcy as " Stan, a friend of Chuck "
Chris Noth as " Jerry Lovett, Kelly's husband Lari White as Bettina Peterson, the woman who sent the unopened FedEx package "
Vince Martin as " Pilot Al, who is buried by Chuck on the island "
Michael Forest as " Pilot Jack "
Jay Acovone as " Pilot Peter "


Castaway could be a 2000 American survival drama film directed and created by Robert Zemeckis and major Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, and Nick Searcy. Hanks plays a FedEx maintenance man stranded on an abandoned island when his plane crashes within the South Pacific, and also the plot focuses on his desperate tries to survive and come home.


In 1995, Chuck Noland, a time-obsessed analyst executive, travels the world resolution productivity issues at FedEx depots. He lives together with his girlfriend Kelly Frears in Memphis, Tennessee, however, his compulsiveness typically interferes with their relationship. Throughout a family Christmas dinner, Chuck is summoned to resolve a piece downside in Malaysia.

A storm brings his FedEx load plane flaming down into the ocean. Chuck, the only real survivor, escapes with the Associate in the nursing expansive raft, tho' the raft's emergency locater transmitter is ripped off. Future day, he washes up on a chartless and unsettled island.

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Several FedEx packages also wash up onshore and the corpse of 1 of the pilots, whom chuck berry. He tries to signal a passing ship and escape within the broken raft, however, the incoming surf tosses Chuck onto a reef, injuring his leg. He will notice spare food, water, and shelter.

He opens the FedEx packages, finding many doubtless helpful things, however leaves one package, with a try of wings painted on that, unopened. Whereas trying to create a fire, Chuck cuts his hand. He furiously throws many objects from the packages and a Wilson equipment volleyball, going away a bloody imprint.

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Once calming down, he attracts a face into the soiled blood, names the ball Wilson, and begins to rebuke it. He continues to speak thereto frequently throughout the remainder of his time on the island.

Over four years, Chuck survives and has since taken shelter within a cave. Wilson is his sole companion. Once a large section from a conveyable bathroom enclosure washes abreast of the island, he builds a raft, exploiting the plastic as a sail.

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Chuck with success launches the raft that he has equipped food, water, and also the one sealed FedEx package. Though a storm threatens the raft's integrity, it proves immune to the onslaught.

Chuck awakes and futilely tries to rescue Wilson, however, is left to grieve over Wilson's loss. Soon after, he's finally saved by a passing cargo ship.

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Upon returning to civilization, Chuck learns that he was declared dead by his family and friends; Kelly has since married Chuck's dentist jerry Lovett and has a kid. Chuck goes to Kelly's house and at last, reunites along with her.

They reveal themselves to still be loving with one another, however, each apprehends that Kelly cannot abandon her family and that they are sadly half.

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Chuck drives to American state to come to the sealed FedEx package to its sender. Finding nobody in reception, he leaves the package at the door with a note speech communication that the package saved his life.

He departs and stops at an overseas crossroads. A girl during a motortruck stops and offers data regarding wherever every road leads.

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As she drives away, Chuck notices a wing graphic painted on her truck similar to the one on the parcel. His appearance down every road, then at the one, the lady took, and smiles.


It's all regarding love - regarding the problem of finding it during a world captivated with success, regarding the freakish accidents which will manufacture or destroy it, regarding AN ordeal that led one man to re-think what's meaty in life, and regarding the necessity to wake the pursuit of affection constant resourcefulness and bravery that enabled the hero to survive on an island for five years.

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Everything regarding it works, the filming, the locations, the acting, the story, and this is often Henry M. Robert Zemeckis' greatest peculiarity. The thespian has done some dangerous roles over the years however this is often as sensible as any role player performance captured on film. I get back this film once a year and realize things regarding it that create it even higher with every viewing. The story is thus well written in its simplicity, and Helen Hunt and Hanks have superb chemistry.

Note: - All film descriptions I defined few matters in this film for a simple idea about this movie what it is and a lot of adventures, Thriller, Mystery ideas are in this story. So watch this film and experience it. Have a fine day.


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