Pay yourself first

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The first bill I ever received in my life?
I cannot remember. Most likely it was for my ING bankaccount and they didn't even send me a bill. Banks simply collect there fees without sending you anything. You need to figure it out yourself.
Interesting thing about banks is they always collect no matter if you have sufficient on your account or not. Even if you are not allowed to take a loan or have a certain amount of debts they collect. They pay themselves first before they pay others. So if you automatically pay for your rent, power, internet, health insurance, road tax, and so it's still wise to check your payment account frequently.
Banks can suddenly change their rules (PayPal does the same and it's never ending and rarely benefits you) without you noticing it or there are extra costs, bankcosts you didn't count with and you cannot pay your rent because you are 2 euros short (unfortunately my rent is one of the last bills I need to pay and the highest bill I have. I wish it was paid a few days after I received my income).

These days my first bills are automatically transfers to my saving accounts and for my children. Once I read: You need to pay yourself first. It was the best tip I ever read and I stick to this rule. If you do not pay yourself first you will always be in debts. Once that's the case it's hard to get out of it and even harder to enjoy life. Only banks and their bankruptcy, bad policy is covered up by the people but a bank will never reach out to you.

Btw: rich people never pay immediately only poor bastards do.


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