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RE: Ticks! That's what today (June 20, 2021) means to me.

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It seems like a real jungle out there @wakeupkitty.pal. And to to think no research is being done on those small but dangerous parasites is frightening. I live in a two season country and ticks are also common here. Just that I have never heard of it attacking humans. I remember my Dad used to check for ticks on our dog every Saturday then disinfect him.
I'm really sorry you have to go through all that. Hope things get better.


They do attack humans and those with Lyme disease are increasing. Perhaps you have more luck and where you live ticks have enemies? I am surprised to know too no one is interested in finding a solution. Lyme can not be cured. Perhaps the pharmaceutical organisations like this more?

Perhaps I am lucky. I think if you try to get more awareness on the disease, more people will notice and research shall be done to combat it.

There is plenty of awareness where I live. Site after site you find, all pointing at the danger. Sites made by doctors, hospitals,vets,pharmacies, patient organizations but still.

I worked with animals for over 15 years, I had plenty of opportunity to be bitten. Never been in all those years till now. Different ticks are brought to us. Ticks without enemies which don't belong here. It's what happens if people travel, adopt animals from abroad, import...

Ohhh, then it really is sad that it is not enough to warrant the research clearly needed. Do continue to fight them at your level

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