What does TODAY ( 02 Mai 2021) Mean to me?" #ccc 3.46

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Hello everyone...

As a Muslim, without feeling the fasting month has entered the 20th day and it is a form of worship that we must live as a Muslim, but during the fasting month what have you been doing, have you really worshiped and got closer to God?
It is enough that only you and your God know ...
As with myself sharing happiness with other people is the most beautiful thing in my life ..

Share happiness

Where I work, we raise small funds for charity activities, which later we will buy kuehs and drinking water, then we will distribute them to the community ..
Anyone has the right to get it ..
We always run this charity program every month of fasting ..


All employees are all involved in this charity action, they are very enthusiastic in helping, they are all good figures, hopefully God will reward them all ...
During this month of Ramadan, many people are competing to find goodness to atone for all the sins we have committed.
That is what is embedded in me for now and I hope I can always have a positive impact on everyone ...


I am very happy to be able to do charity activities, share sustenance with fellow people who need it ...
Have you shared this day with others ..
Never fear that you will lose because God will replace the better for you ...


This is my entry to @freedomshift’s “What does TODAY Mean to YOU?" - Win 🏅 upvotes, SBD, Steem, TRX, and more... #ccc 3.46 contest” this week:


I would like to invite my friends to take part in the What does TODAY contest: @lingkar-photo, @new-spirit @opick

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Very extraordinary humanitarian mission brother @ipolatjeh1988

Those you helped will be grateful. I wonder if everyone can afford to buy facemasks since they are expensive here.

I am not a Muslim and hope good deeds are done the entire year not only twice a year to "make up" with Allah/god.

Good luck with what you do. 🍀💖

I hope the good deeds aren't only done to make up with Allah but through the entire year/your life. That's how it should be.

I wonder if everyone can afford a facemask. They are expensive with us and should be thrown away after using them once.

Good luck with your good work, the Ramadan and the contest.


Thank you @wakeupkitty
In my area masks are still relatively cheap ...

An upvote for a read. I wish you all the best.

Thank you very much @wakeupkitty

You are welcome. 🍀❤️

Thank you for your entry #35 to https://steemit.com/ccc/@freedomshift/what-does-today-mean-to-you-win-upvotes-sbd-steem-trx-and-more-ccc-3-46
This post and the submission comment has been upvoted @ 100%.

Thank you and WELCOME to #ccc!

If you have responded to an invitation, please let me know in your comment.

Thank you sir ... I am happy to participate in the contest that you organize @freedomshift

Cool my friend 👌

 9 months ago 

Your participation is good. It is good to do actions without expecting anything in return, God will take care of who does them and where it goes. I enjoyed reading your article

It's an honor you have read it thank you very much ...

 9 months ago 

Thank you for coming to the contest. We will keep reading.

Thank you mom, for your generosity ..

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