My Penance: Bobi the Bad and his *moving water* obsession

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This post is my penance. My punishment, if you will, for confusing two cat-obsessed men cat afficionadoes because I met them both at the same bat-time, same bat-channel, I mean, cat-time, cat channel, back when @kona still maintained #dailypetphotography.


I would love to know what has become of our beloved @kona. I hope #Covid and the pandemic did not touch our patron saint of pets of Steemit (Hive).

There is no conceivable reason I should confuse Grapthar's trio with Mike's eleven. Grapthar posts daily epic photos of Blaze (the immortal! the god!), Tiger, and Cleo, (sorry, I love them both dearly, but Blaze is a one-eyed god, an old man, a ginger tom, and nobody owns my heart like a ginger tom.)

Manorvillemike posts daily shots of his eleven, led mostly by #ScaryMary, the cat mother of all cats. She resembles Bobi the Bad. She is epic. She is supremely all things feline. But go, go visit @manorvillemike's posts and see for yourself.

Bobi the Bad is only getting badder. The older he gets, the more intense his obsession with the faucet. Yes. I know. Cats prefer running water. It's a sign that it's cleaner than those stagnant puddles of water that Dogs drink from.

But the faucet. I am weary.

I do not even want to describe the ways his demands have escalated. Let's just say I took an antique bowl from my cupboard because it is wide enough for me to hold it under a drippy faucet with room for Bobi's head and he drinks from the moving water. He would have me stand there all day holding that bowl for him.

The freshest water in the house comes straight from the fridge. Try convincing Bobi of that.


Yes, we bought him a fountain. Two, actually. One battery operated, one electric. No, they do not appease him. His water must be running FROM A FAUCET. He slinks around the shower stall, sits in the bath tub, crouches beside the sinks, and leaves paw prints and hair all over.

I am so annoyed with him and with myself for capitulating to this cat, I refuse to say another word about this daily ritual of appeasing the Bob and his irrational obsession.


There ya go, Mike! Yes, you were only kidding, but I haven't posted a Bobi the Bad photo for a very long time.

High-maintenance cat

For Sale to the highest bidder....

This post is my penance, even though Bobi the Bad already punishes me daily....
#cats #catsnaps #palnet #neoxian #creativecoin gems


I have three different water sources for my three animals, there will not share. Patches the cat will ONLY drink from a human drinking vessel. Very funny post!

Oh, we've given Bobi a crystal drinking glass, and other bowls. He drinks dirty water in the jar for paint brushes, and tips over vases of flowers to get the water as it runs out. Any MOVING water, however disgusting, is what he demands. Urrggghh. I did not mention the combing routine. Just once, I grabbed a comb while he was at the faucet because he had bed head. Now He wants his head, cheeks, and chin combed EVERY TIME he's at the faucet. How does he make this known? He stares at me, yowling in a "Get over here, Slave" voice, and not until I give him what he wants does he stop complaining and start purring. -_-


There's a word for people like you, Stacey. #Slave. I'm wearing that label, too. Slave to a tiny furry overlord. (Or two, or three.)

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