Weekly report as Steem Representative, from September 12 to 18 2023

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Weekly Report of Activities from September 12 to 18 2023, Steem representative / Steem Greeters, Image Created by @wilmer1988

A new week has concluded within Steemit and with it we close all the contributions provided during these 7 days, so today I want to share the results of the individual support provided to the operation of this digital medium through the fulfillment of various assigned roles that I want to detail today. .

This report summarizes my personal support through my dedication within the Steem Venezuela community, where I also played moderator roles alongside a valuable team for the benefit of the development and operation of steemit inside and outside our borders, which helps support my activities as Steem Representative within my territory.

Likewise, he highlighted all the interaction carried out this week within the Newcomers community for the benefit and support of all those new users who took their first steps within the platform, receiving the benefit and support of it through the Steem Greeters team. of which he was a part for the last 3 years.


My Personal Account, Capture

All this set of activities described above left as a record a week where I was able to grant 175 votes in support of the activity carried out by 123 active steemians, using my personal account with 67,622.81 SP used for the benefit of the correct use of the platform, thereby achieving a CSI of 18.6%, thereby ensuring the correct use of my resources.

Without further ado, I would like to present to you what my week of contribution to this platform was:

Steem Greeters from the Newcomers community


As part of the team of greeters of the Newcomers community, a total of 20 users were assisted in complying with the achievement program for new steemians, a contribution that allowed me to verify a total of 10 achievements correctly carried out and the correction of another 10 achievements with some attention before due verification.

Data with Steem Greeters

Steemit Representative for Venezuela

As part of the team of steem representatives this week I was able to provide all the support to steemians inside and outside of this medium, achieving the following objectives:

  • Review of the status and participation of 66 users within the tags #club5050, #club75 and #club100 according to their participation and contribution to the growth of the platform.

  • Invite users to be part of the5050 club, correcting their participation and the use of the correct labels, ensuring their contribution and location according to their activations and withdrawals, encouraging powerup.

  • Ensure the creation of content published by our steemians in general through #steemexclusive, guaranteeing the correct use of the platform and its policies against possible deviations made by our users, avoiding the use of AI and plagiarism of content.

  • Provide 175 votes as support from my individual account to contribute to the interaction and development of our daily interaction initiatives for our active users with a total of 123 supported accounts.

  • Boost the participation and use of the #burnsteem25 tag by users through the configuration of 25% of all rewards towards the @null account, this as an initiative to burn Steem that allows us to strengthen the value of our Crypto ecosystem .

  • Promote the realization of Powerup within our community through the development of activities under the hashtag #sv-club5050 and #sv-powerup as an initiative to strengthen the individual accounts of each steemians and thus contribute to the growth of our steemit platform.

  • Provide attention inside and outside the platform to all those Venezuelan and Spanish-speaking users with needs within the platform, providing answers and useful advice for any situation present during their participation in Steemit.

Steem Venezuela community moderator.

As a member of the moderating team of the Steem Venezuela community this week we managed to carry out a series of activities and initiatives that every day allows our users to enjoy excellent initiatives for their interaction within the platform.

@wilmer1988Top Miércoles SV-Power Up (13-09-2023) Steem Venezuela
@wilmer1988Ranking #sv-club5050: un nuevo mes de powerup en steemit

Like every week, a new Top #sv-powerup in Steem Venezuela allowed me to highlight the contribution of 05 steemians who were present in our label with more than 272 Steem turned on, as part of the support for the #club5050 program from our users, through the initiative of our community.

The support for the powerup in Steem Venezuela continued even more through the tag #sv-club5050, which left a total of 270 Steem turned on thanks to 06 users who were present in the club during this week for its growth along with the strengthening of steemit.

@wilmer1988Steemit Engagement Challenge-S12W2 / Lifestyle Diary Game
@wilmer1988Steemit Engagement Challenge / S12W2 – Un llamado a la consciencia
@wilmer1988The Diary Game III Lunes: 11/09/2023 - Día 1053 - Lunes de Consulta y Recuperación

These were the best publications of the week according to my participation and presence within the platform, through the development of its initiatives and programs as part of my enjoyment of this medium.

graceleonTeam #4 : Curation Report Week 2 - September

During this week, as part of community curation team 4 for the month of September, we together managed to close support for a total of 186 quality publications within the different active initiatives in the Steemit world, managing to give appropriate and responsible use to the account. assigned curator.

Curación con steemcurator07, Fuente

In this way, I say goodbye, thanking you for your time and attention and the opportunity to be part of the operation of Steemit.

By @wilmer1988

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