Weekly Summary CR - Venezuela / Greeter Fairy –April 23 to 30, 2022

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Greetings friends and colleagues from Steemit ..!

This is my weekly report April 23 to 30 as Country Representative for Venezuela and Curator.

It’s a resume about last week of April. within our usual tasks that are already known, we are now very active in the reviews of the Steemit Engagement shares, so this will also be part of our daily review rounds.

Many of you have been observing my work as a Country Representative from Venezuela for a long time, so it is very unusual that you find me reviewing publications daily, visiting new and not so new users as well, making corrections and leaving suggestions so that each of the subscribers improves their posts. Another of my great responsibilities is the constant and daily review of posts in Newcomer's Community. Finally, and as you also know, I am a curator with @steemcurator03, @hive-193637 (Steem Venezuela account) and @sv-beca (another Steem Venezuela account) and my personal account.

This is the summary of my curatorial tasks for the period from April 23 to 30, 2022 I made a total of 413 votes in total done with the assigned curation accounts: @ steemcurator03 in Newcommer Community Program, the Steem Venezuela community account (@hive-193637), the curation account @sv-beca (Steem Venezuela's second curation account) and my personal account @tocho2.

I continue to give my best in the different activities of monitoring, control, revision of publications and curation in Newcomer's Community, in the official community of Steem Venezuela and now in Steemit Engagement Challenge too.

1) Newcomer's Community

During the week of April 23 to 30 I have corrected 6 posts, reviewed 11 posts and validated 7 achievement posts. Here is the link to my latest report for the Newcomer's Community program:

Weekly Report as Greeter on Newcomers Achievement Program, Period April 23 to 30, 2022

2) Curation with Steemcurator03 account

My past curation turns with the account @steemcurator03 was on April 28, 2022 and a total of 06 posts, we have the best anti-plagiarism and anti-farming strategies activated at the moment, so the number of active publications has decreased significantly.

3) Curation with the Steem Venezuela (@hive-193637 and @sv-beca) community account

With the Steem Venezuela community account (@hive-193637), we support Top-5 posts every day of the week, we support posts about the Steem Venezuela trail and also users who have delegated to the community.

My manual curation turns with this account was on April 24, 2022 during which I supported a total of 7 Top 5 #sv-recreacion posts. It is also important to clarify that those publications of users who are participating in the # club5050 are being selected for the Top5. With @sv-beca account I had voted 08 post.

This was the post of #sv-recreacion in third week on April month and Steem Venezuela weekly report :

Top 5 - Steem Venezuela – #sv-recreacion: Domingo 01-05-22

4) Venezuela Country Representative

This is an updated summary of the activities that I am currently carrying out as a Country Representative:

  • Welcome to users who are new to Steemit with an invitation to participate in Newcomer's Community and some guidelines of interest.

  • Daily visits to different communities to greet, comment, vote, identify possible cases of plagiarism and provide the best guidance to users.

  • Continuous and constant orientation to users of different communities about their publications.

  • I constantly visit the users who are participating in the # club5050, and the users who are frequently doing # powerup, to keep them motivated to continue growing their accounts.

  • Every month I make a massive invitation to users to participate in #spud4steem, both with my personal account and with the Steem Venezuela account (hive-193637) so that many people continue to join these two initiatives.

  • And we have a new task, we are reviewing and qualifying the participations of the Steemit Engagement Challenge in Steem Venezuela and we actively participate commenting on the publications in other communities.

Using my personal account @tocho2 I made 370 (during April 23 to 30, 2022) votes in support of users on different communities on Steemit.

This is my past Report as Country Representative:

Weekly Summary CR - Venezuela / Greeter Fairy –April 16 to 22, 2022

5) Contributions for the growth of Steemit in this period

Each of the activities that we carry out as curators, as Country Representatives, as advisers within Steemit, represent a contribution to the growth of the platform, since we are constantly promoting Steemit, among subscribers we promote investment and growth programs such as Club5050, Spud4steem, and the constant invitations to what is united to the different challenges that are being carried out in all the communities.

And just right now, from the Steem Venezuela community, weekly contests are being promoted for Steemit Engagement, in which all CR’s are very committed to the selection of the themes of each challenge, registration of participations and the correct review and qualification of each user and their post. in the need to avoid cases of plagiarism and other deviations in this magnificent massive contest in Steemit

6) General summary

As evidence of the goals achieved in this actual period April 23 to 30, 2022 I show you a small graphic summary of my activities as Country Representative of Venezuela, Curator and Greeter:



I reiterate my thanks to the great team of which I am a part: @ anasuleidy, @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiracion, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988, @ saracampero, @ rypo01 and @ miyexi and I from Venezuela; @ graceleon from Argentina; and @ nahela from Colombia, we are a great team ..!

Again my thanks to the Steemit team: @ cryptokannon, @ steemcurator01, @ steemcurator02, @ steemcurator03 and @ steemitblog, thank you for supporting the great Latin American family present in Steemit.

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