Weekly Report CR Argentina September 16Th to September 22th

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Best regards;

I present to you my management of September 16 to September 22, 2022 as Representative in Argentina.


From September 16th to September 22th, I report the following tasks.

My activities as CR Argentina are as follows:

  • Commenting and voting for publications that are generated on the blockchain.
  • Reviewing authenticity, combating plagiarism and content recycling.
  • Designing the RECREATIVE STEEM community contests; commenting and voting.
  • Administration of the community account @hive-141434 giving manual votes and comments.
  • Administration of Discord, Telegram, and other community social media channels in order to encourage participation and help guide users.
  • I host contests from the community account and from my personal blog.
  • Creation of a contest for the Steemit Engagement Challenge s4w4

This week I have made 13 publications from my personal account; I have also published thediarygame and other contests Steemit engagement challenge.

Relevant publications:

New Contest: "Letters in Springtime" 📝🖌📬
Application for Community Curators for October 2022

Voting CSI: 23.3 ( 0.00 % self, 204 upvotes, 145 accounts, last 7d )

Tools created @steemchiller steemworld.org/@graceleon

Effective Power @graceleon 20,875.29 SP ( 30,698.96 + 5,225.24 - 15,048.90 )


WINNERS!!! Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week 3 Three goals that I met and three that I want to achieve!
Contest - SEC W4S4: "Our daily bread"/🥖🥐🍞

I have hosted report in RECREATIVE STEEM.

Weekly Report Booming Support // August 13th to September 18th


This weekly September 16th to September 22th I have promoted contests on RECREATIVE STEEM.

With the RECREATIVE STEEM COMMUNITY that is @hive-141434 promoting the participation initiative in each of their contests.


We have expanded the moderator staff of the Recreative Steem team to give them better attention and performance in the Engagement Challenges of this 4th season.
I hope you can support us and in this way we all contribute to the growth of Steemit in the world.


Effective Power 101,872.13 SP ( 22,051.95 + 79,820.18 )
Tools created @steemchiller Account community RECREATIVE STEEM steemworld.org/@hive-141434

Voting CSI 21.3 ( 0.00 % self, 459 upvotes, 160 accounts, last 7d )



I am encouraging the creation of tutorial content for new talented bloggers to join these areas.
I support other communities with my content creation and relevant comments.

We currently have active contests within the community and support users from diverse cultures around the world who create quality content within RECREATIVE STEEM.


CC.- @steemitblog @stemcurator01 @steemcurator02

With love for you, @graceleon

Country Representative Argentina

Discord: graceleon#2348
Twitter: @graceleon1987

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