Clarifications about the usage of the @steemcurator06 account

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Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was my first day of managing the @steemcurator06 account.

Clearly, having just joined the group that runs it, as already mentioned in the previous post, I have dealt with the curators already active, in particular with @antorv, who among the Russian-speaking users is the one who knows best English.

During the day, some doubts arose, due to the procedures for managing upvotes and times on which we would like to have clarifications from the Steemit Team, so as to be sure to do our job well.


👆 This is me and @antorv discussing the issues in question... (I joke, she's definitely much better than that) 😄

Methods and timing for the distribution of the upvotes

In short, yesterday morning at 8.30 Italian time, the account was fully loaded and therefore I was able to start voting.

Clearly, the rule requires me to use the VP of the 24 hours available, in order to give back the 100% charged battery to the next curator at the same time.

I'm pretty familiar with VP reload times, so instead of voting all at once, bringing the VP directly to around 80%, I did it in two times during the day.

At the beginning, I gave a little less than half of the available upvotes and in the afternoon, when the account had completely recharged, I finished the operations, returning it fully charged on time at 8am the next day, to my colleague.

The methodology I chose is motivated by the fact that I don't want to penalize any user of the Italian community and also the income of the account itself. This way, the account will always vote above or, at most, around 90%, rather than shooting all votes at the start of the day and then staying dormant for the remaining hours.

@antorv, however, contacted me and informed me that:

The method is to put upvotes as fast as you can, and battery should be not lower than 80%
I was told by previous curators we can't do this - vote during the day, curation should start and end quickly

Then, indeed, after we consulted, she also tended to agree that deferring votes throughout the day could be a better method for account profit and distribution of rewards to users. But she had never done otherwise because these were the management methods described by the previous curators.

My question to the team is:

Can we proceed the way we prefer or does this start and end quickly rule really exist?


The second and certainly less important question concerns the self-vote that the curator assigns to himself.

Indeed I talk about it because there was a little misunderstanding, I think I made a mistake, in good faith, before @antorv warned me.

As there were 10 active Italian users in our community in the last week, including myself, I had prepared a scheme to distribute the votes equally to everyone.

And so I came to the conclusion that I would give three votes at 33% to everyone, including myself.

I was informed that I would be entitled, as curator, to a 100% vote, so I interpreted that was an extra vote.

Instead, after I had voted once at 33% and once at 100%, @antorv and @olesia warned me and I proceeded not to self-assign the two remaining upvotes and to increase the percentage by distributing it on all the others.

Also in this case, therefore, we would like to know what the right interpretation is, always to avoid errors of any kind and work in the most transparent and correct way.

Awaiting for your answers, I thank you very much!!


Italy Country Representative


Thanks for reading



Привет;).На самом деле голосуй как тебе удобно, только возвращайте полную батарею следующему куратору). У нас у многих нет времени растягивать процесс голосования на весь день потому, как мы работаем. Вот сегодня мне не нужно было идти на работу и я тоже голосовала поэтапно;). В другие дни не всегда получается, поэтому голосуем сразу, предварительно прочитав посты авторов;).

Что касается голосов за свои посты: в новостях @steemitblog было указано, что куратор имеет право отдать голос с силой 100% один раз в сутки на один пост. Это не нами придумано;). Удачи в курировании, ты здорово справляешься. Прости, что я не знаю твоего языка, а пишу на русском.

Hello;). In fact, vote as you like, just return the full battery to the next curator). Many of us do not have time to drag out the voting process all day long, because we are working. Today I didn't have to go to work and I also voted in stages;). On other days it does not always work out, so we vote immediately after reading the posts of the authors;).

As for the votes for their posts: in the news @steemitblog it was indicated that the curator has the right to vote with a force of 100% once a day for one post. This is not invented by us;). Good luck with supervising, you're doing great. I'm sorry that I don't know your language, but I write in Russian.

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 3 months ago 

Hi @olesia, thanks for your feedback.
In agreement with @antorv I decided to write this post to define these two little doubts, just to avoid making mistakes.

Thanks for the compliments, you are doing a great job too!
I prefer to write in English because I don't trust the translator and in Russian I could write really badly...let's avoid! 😄


Ок). Thank you).

 3 months ago 

Hello, Girolamo, thank you for this publication! It would be really nice to know the official version of the rules :) Who knows, may be I was doing something wrong, too. Or, maybe, curator is free to create his/her own curation rules :)

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 3 months ago 

Regarding votes to the Country Representatives - one whole vote (100%) per day can be given to the Country Reps.

If there were 7 Country Reps then each Rep would get one full vote per week.

If there are less or more than 7 a rotation system will need to be worked out.

Hope this helps

The Steemit Team

 3 months ago 

Ok, clear 👌
One vote 100% and no other more little votes.

If there are less or more than 7 a rotation system will need to be worked out.

We are six reps...then we have no problems about it. We have solved with an extra day for every Country.

Thanks a lot for the answer! 🙏🏼


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