Weekly Report as a Country Representative from Nigeria

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It's a pleasure to be writing my weekly report as a CR from Nigeria which would be presented to the team. As always, I have not stayed idle during the week despite the health challenge (a battle with malaria), could I have performed better? I think there is only a slight difference as I have managed to perform my role in different communities.

CR Report Oct 23.png

My Activities as a CR

Steem4Nigeria and Steemit Crypto Academy communities happen to be my most active space where I engage in several activities that deal with the development of these communities. It would be hard for people to know I was actually sick over the week, nothing much changed about my activities on the platform.

As such, my activities in the highlighted communities speak volumes during the week and let me show you some of those things I do.

  • Checking and Reviewing entries made in the engagement challenge in both communities.

  • Detected a farming account in the process and have it labeled accordingly such that the community can watch out for it subsequently.

  • Participated in the process to get the new week engagement challenge contest ready in the Steem4Nigeria community.

  • Utilization of the Steem4Nigeria account for curation.

  • Participation in the ongoing challenge and inviting other users to take part. Promotion of the Steem4Nigeria contest through my article to get more users onboard.

That said, I have been available all week round to interact with other articles on the platform, likewise, utilizing my resources for proper support.

I proceeded with the guessers club in the quest to bring up a light game that allows users to earn some rewards over the weekend, I have written the previous week's report and announcement for the new week. In addition, I have written a suggestion on certain changes I think would be great to implement through the Steemit Development Incentive Program.

Cover ImageArticle

I planned to visit the orphanage the last weekend under the Feed the Orphans project, unfortunately, I was unable to proceed because my health condition got worsened during that period. I hope to proceed with that this weekend or coming weeks as I'm recuperating now.


Account Stats

I have some stats to show from my account which certain parts of it can be seen as a product of my activities over the just-ended week.

Club Status#club75
Owned SP20,495 SP
Reputation Score74.7
Voting CSI16.8 ( 0.00 % self, 160 upvotes, 91 accounts, last 7d )


In conclusion, this is my report for the week and I look forward to delivering better in the new week when I would have gained back my full strength back from terrorizing malaria. Thanks for reading through today.


As a country representative you are doing very well and it was very nice to present your report. I try to see your reports regularly. All the best to you. Thanks for sharing.

 3 months ago 

Thanks, friend @mostofajaman.

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