Nigeria CR weekly report by @focusnow for the week which ended on 22/11/2021.

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Another full week has gone and its time to make a record of my activities as a country CR of Nigeria. I really appreciate the opportunity to work in this capacity, assist newbies from my country and make a report of my activities. Here is my CR work for the week that ended on 22/11/2021.


1. Printing more Steemit business card

The Steemit business card which I designed have been a very effective tool for Steemit promotion. When we give it to friends and others, they see that steemit is a complete business brand. The ones I printed before was running out. So I decided to go back and make more supplies. I hope to continue using the business card to create more awareness for Steemit. I reprinted 100 pieces of the card within the week



2. Another Facebook Promotion

Nigerians are most active on facebook. There are more than 20 million accounts from the country. So I have used Facebook sponsored ads to recruit many new users that joined Steemit. So for the week that just finished, I did another sponsored ad for content creators on Facebook. I had more than 15 applicants and I channed them to my whatsapp group where I did presentations for two different groups that joined us. Below is the sponsored ad I did and the result it generated

Facebook ad link:

Ad screenshot


Ad Performance

Whatsapp class


3. Designing a Simple Flier for the mentorship classes

Once people drop their number through the Facebook ad, I collect them together and add them to the whatsapp classes. But when its time to announce the classes, I use a banner I designed to raise their level of enthusiasm for the class. I did two classes last week. So I used the same banner design and simply changed the dates. You can see a screenshot of the banner inside the whatsapp class as I used it to invite the interested guests for our initial presentations.




4. Curation activities

The community SteemAlive membership is growing at an astonishing rate. We are really strugling to support everyone. So I have 3 accounts which I use to support others in the community. Here is their current voting CSI to show the level of support we are giving them

@focusnow From SteemWorld

@steemalive From SteemWorld

@steem-aliveFrom SteemWorld

@save2soarFrom SteemWorld


5. Ongoing Mentorship

My promotion and mentorship activities runs through the week. The whatsapp mentorship is strictly for those that respond to our Facebook sponsored ads. I also run physical classes at the center from Tuesday till Saturday. These dedicated efforts has resulted in the growth of the community as newbies sign up. Below are two of the many newbies that passed through my mentorship and learnt about Steemit. They are doing well.




6. Greeters work

I welcome new people that join Steemit and help verify their introduction posts. I dod so many last week. Here are some of them:


Work for the current Week/Conclusion

Here is my plan for the week as usual:

  • Wednesday 24/11/2021: online ad
  • Thursday 25/11/2021: Online class for applicants
  • Friday 26/11/2021 Steem Road Show
  • Saturday 27/11/2021: Training at the office

A big shoutout to my fellow country reps who are doing work too to promote Steemit in Nigeria. Kudos to @ngoenyi, @whitestallion, @bright-obias.

@steemitblog This is my weekly report.

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This is another detailed report from you dear @focusnow. Thank you for all you have been doing. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you can help print more of the complementary card for me.

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