Weekly Report as Steem Greeter on Newcomers' Achievement Program | April 30 - May 06, 2022

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In this report, I will be summarizing my activities as a Greeter in the newcomers' community for the time period 30-04-22 to 06-05-22. I have been assigned to check all achievement tasks prepared by Pakistanis and all others that are in the English language.

More Details

usernamesAchievement LinksNo.Status
maliknaik8Post Link1Verified, Expired
sanaanPost Link1Hold
renshu1Post Link1Hold
horainfatimaPost Link1Hold
kailyferoPost Link1Hold
shema68Post Link1Hold
raj-tokdirPost Link1Hold
rony0Post Link1Hold
dmgline5Post Link1Hold
nazirmithuPost Link1Hold,nutbox
yusanPost Link1Hold/KIV
umairali1Post Link1Verified, Expired
thripathiPost Link1Verified, Voted
stellaheartPost Link3Hold
amoakdanielPost Link3Hold
humairaarshadPost Link3Verified, NC
stellaheartPost Link3Verified, Voted
armaaPost Link4Verified, Voted
shravanaPost Link6Verified, Voted

I am investigating the cases that I have put on hold and will verify only the satisfactory ones.

The rules of the achievement program have been modified ensuring the rewards are being utilized to join power clubs instead of just being exploited by content farmers.

These changes have helped in decreasing the number of community abusers. On the whole, there are lesser achievements to verify than there were a few weeks ago.

Steem Greeter,


Very interesting some posts! Thanks for share!

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