Country Representative from Argentina: Monthly Report - March 2021

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Monthly Report as Country Representative from Argentina - March 2021

My tasks as CR can be seen in different communities:

  • Steem Geography (founder and administrator)
  • Writing & Reviews (co-founder and co-administrator)
  • Steemit Nursery (moderator)
  • Newcomers Community (greeter fairy)
  • Recently, we've started Steem Argentina (administrator)

Support as CR

With my own earnings I'm:

  • Collaborating with 15 steem weekly for moderators contests in steem Geography (@badsha1 and @bright-obias)
  • Offering 20 steem weekly for my contests in Steem Geography
  • I'll start collaborating with 12,5 steem weekly for Steem Argentina contests

@steemcurator05 voting

CRs from Latin America, we are very happy because that account is growing, and we can support better our steemians. We are making a team working, and rotating the voting day. Below you can see my report for march:

Lasts votes with my account

  • I'm also voting as much as I can with my Voting Power, especially to contests entries and posts in communities that I manage.


Among support tasks, I'm also picking rotative different posts for the mentioned communities, that are part of the Steemit Communities Support Program, you can see the selected posts in my different reports (I won't add all those links here, because I'll lose the focus of this summary).

Contests organized on March:

I've organized 10 contests this month:

Maps designed on March

2 months ago I began with a project to show how #steemit looks around the world. As I have the data for the Newcomers Project, I've utilized that; and I look for Latin American users myself, helped by a list built for CRs from Venezuela.

This last month, also SEA region has been added to this idea, thanks to the data shared by @anroja. Below you can access the maps elaborated for March:

Steemians greeted on March

I've greeted 101 users this month and invited them to Newcomers Project and to different communities on #steemit. Below, you can see the list:

List of newcomers greeted

UserDate joinedLinkDate greeted

Bar chart of newcomers greeted on March 2021

Users greeted per Date - March 2021 (1).png

Chart designed on Google Sheets.

I'm also performing tasks by updating labels in Newcomers Community and Steemit Nursery, and I update the status of Estonia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Venezuela (user 432 to 480) twice a month.

You can read the corresponding reports below:

Last list of Argentinian users

[ESP- ENG] Country Representative from Argentina: Argentinians users - Updated list, March 2021/ Lista actualizada al 15 de Marzo 2021 de usuarios de Argentina


Thank you very much for giving me this amazing opportunity of being part of #steemit as a Country Representative.

I'm very committed with this platform, and I hope my perform could help #steemit grow even more, since I believe it represents the future in many ways.

Have a wonderful day



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sir how i become admin or cr i have 100 people how want to joine steem platform any one help me please bundle of thanks

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