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A few macros from today shoot. After the heavy rains and a very sunny hot week, I decided it was a right time to check my local area for mushrooms, and I did harvested a lot of new shrooms; some were edible, some were not. Lets start with this great well-known red mushroom...


Amanita! A deadly, toxic, unedible shroom... some folks do have a great medical use of it! It is not as bad as one can think. Yes, it contains toxins, but at it has an antidote the same time, too.

The best-looking amanitas grow under the birch trees, and these appeared exactly under the birch. I found as much as 17 amanitas at the small spot, just about 2-3 square metres. Most of them are small and just started growing, like this little baby.



An old oak brought in extremely solid and intresting harvest: we found as much as 12 big Porcini Boleto shrooms, and another Amanita species, the deadly toxic Amanita phalloides. This is not like the red one - a pure killer, know your enemy and keep away from it! I already made a post about it, as I have met one mushroom a month ago. Seems it was a scout micellium sent here to check the situation... and now we see a massive attack: more than a dozen pale amanitas appeared and develop their fruiting bodies... seems, its micellium loves the oak as much, as Porcini mushrooms!

And now, finally, a good news. We had a marvelous crop of Porcini, the best 1-grade mushrooms. Under the same oak tree and around it. All of them are giant, like 12-15cm in diameter.



They ended their life as a mushroom stew with potatoes.


Bon appetit! and a Happy Fungi Friday to you.

location: Russian countryside August 2020 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm raw-conv

Thanks for stopping by!


What beautiful photos!
2 in 1 - both photos and food :-)))

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