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Helo Friends, hope you all are fine. My name is Zain Babar. Today i am going to show you about my business. My business is about selling of karakri things. Basically i have a karakri store. It is situated in my city Hujra Shah Muqeem.

This is the picture of my father and my shop.
Here is the location of my shop.

My father start the business of karakri store almost 15 years ago and now i continues my father's business. We provide a good variety of things and special variety . Our store is very popular is our location. But i want to expand my business in all our the Pakistan.


We provide almost all the things usually used in home . We have variety and different designs of glasses according to customer choice .
We also offer home used dishes and plates of good quality. No color shade. We gave to a guaranty of dirt didn't attach to dashes. Because we provide double layered dishes .


I want to expand my business through Steemit platform. I accept payment in steem and steem Dollar. Here people steemit is very popular in people.
Our business is also based on steem payment.


Business name:Zain Karakri Store
Owner's name:@zainbabar
Business address:Hujra Shah Muqeem, Punjab,Pakistan.
About us:Link to presentation

Special thanks,

 2 years ago 

Hello, welcome to the community with your business.

We are confident that this is the non-stop start of new business growth for you.


 2 years ago 

Welcome to our community with your great business presentation good luck with your business

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot mam.

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