Weekly report of Active Members from Indonesia in the @businessactivity community by representatives of Indonesian Moderators

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It doesn't feel like time has passed so quickly that we have experienced many beautiful things in this community since August. We have received very encouraging support, especially for us users who are still active in our community, supporting quality content every day, especially our businessmen who are still active in our community. stay oriented and publicize their business here, we both learn to be stronger in running the company in each sector.

It is an obligation for every company manager or businessman to work optimally in advancing their business in any way because if a company is managed unfairly or improperly, the company is not impossible to collapse and something we don't want to happen, right? we don't want that to happen to you ?

So let's work together and stay active in publishing your commercial activities in the community because who knows by publishing your quality content in the community then the audience will see and listen deeply about the basis of each company concerned.

Until now we still have active members who are still loyal to accompanying the community by publishing their quality content, they also share beneficial beneficiaries for our community. We thank you for your participation, our businessmen who are still oriented and remain loyal in building the company and community that we love.

In Indonesia especially for now we have several companies with entrepreneurs who are in charge of several sectors in each company every week they publish and publish their business on a basic basis they also publish quality content that can attract clients to keep improving their products and even make consumers consumers to come back.

Here are some companies from Indonesia they are still active and in charge of each sector

Distribution and Sale.

Bussiness name:Online Shop
User Name:@pecintabunga20
Business address:Tanah Pasir, Aceh, Indonesian

They offer several products that they have in the form of photochromic eyewear veils with detailed benefits as well as watches with several eye-catching colors they have high spirits

Pastry shop.

User Name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh,Indonesia

Prioritizing some of the latest cake models at exploding prices with additional decorations with several models that add beauty to anyone who sees it


Bussiness name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
User Name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia

Promoting several steel constructions in their business sector, one of which is a car cage, maybe this is one of the best-selling items in their business, all listed complete with a price table, this will make it easier for anyone who wants to subscribe to their business.


Bussiness name:Asia The Barber Barbershop
User Name:@zulkarnain
Business address:Indonesia

They create and organize the room in a new style to make it more attractive when viewed. They also prioritize bookkeeping as the business brain of their company. They also promote several detailed products at prices that make it easier for consumers to get to know their products.

Design and manufacture.

Bussiness name:Arsyila Tailor
User name:@nurfiana
Business address:Indonesia

Some of the most beautiful clothes models with the latest models in their efforts to look elegant with striking colors increasingly add to the attention of clients to be interested in their handmade results. We believe they work from the heart and get maximum results.


Bussiness name:Credit Business
User name:@adson
Business address:North Aceh, Indonesia

Their credit business is always smooth, they add a double balance that includes all online payments, such as regular credit, telephone packages, internet quota, electricity tokens, clean water payments, telkom, PDAM, e-commerce and many other services contained in the application they provide.

Thus our summary of our report for this week we hope that in the present and in the future more of our participants will be active and enliven the community with their dedication and focus on the business they are running.

We also urge newcomers to better understand and comply with what the community has implemented by studying and understanding the introduction of the community in order to achieve a goal by understanding each other and understanding what should be published so it will make it easier for us teams to work because remember we work for the progress of the community in order to create a solid and consolidated community as we expect.

Greetings full of love from the representatives of the Indonesian Moderators. 💖💖💖

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 2 months ago 

Hello, we are glad that more members from Indonesia are active in the community.

Help support for users in your country has been successful.


Very good job the entire Indonesian team is doing, congratulations.

Thanks my friend

 2 months ago 

Good job friend. Congratulations to all.

Thank you

 2 months ago 

Hello, many businesses leaving the name of their country high and making it more striking than it already is. Congratulations to all.

Thank you

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