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At @BusinessActivity we work for the growth of the community and Blockchain Steem, we are very happy to see all the evolution and unstoppable growth that we have had so far, all the team are deeply grateful to the entrepreneurs and companies who daily publish their publications, they are doing a great job Congratulations!

The progress of companies and entrepreneurs shows that it is necessary to motivate, guide and publicize the functioning of the steem ecosystem, to give way to what will be its full development. This will happen by itself, once the investor is clear about their working method, attractive in the presentation of each of their posts and of course the incorporation of payment methods, which are an important part of the entire start-up process continues. Prioritizing the direction of your work, as an investor and for the client.

Today we want to make it much clearer that improving the quality of each of your work will result in the attraction of an exceptional audience and excellent rewards, do not always forget to give your personal touch to your business, position your brand wherever you are; start from there, build your sustainability.

Here is a summary of the most outstanding companies and entrepreneurs of the week:

🔸 Design, decoration and renovation of spaces with natural plants.

Business name:@Cactusgens
Owner's name:@gensequini
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Making A Beautiful Brazilian Stick as a Decorative Arrangement / Delivering to the Client / Cost in $ / sbd / steem.

Business Activity / @Cactusgens / Genus of Opuntias and Huernias

They show us in detail the elaboration of decorative arrangement with ornamental plants and show us the type of genus of cactus plants huernias and opuntias.

🔸 Jewelery

Business name:ADONAI by Dayanna Lozada
Owner's name:@alannaycrist03
Business address:Barcelona Edo. Anzoátegui Venezuela

Manufacture, sale and delivery of Duo of double onyx bracelets with charms and multicolored handmade fabric from the ADONAI collection by Dayanna Lozada

Business Activity Contest | Describe and plan strategies to promote your business. | @ alannaycrist03

We see in detail beautiful decorative pieces with a step by step of their elaboration and they will be delivered to their clients as production.

🔸Business training - Service to the public.

Business name:Barista Academy
Owner's name:@daniellozada
Business address:Lecheria, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Business Activity | @baristaacademy | New Unboxing

They show us in detail part of the investment they have made in their business through the rewards acquired within the platform, expanding their business with it.

🔸 Construction

Business name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
Owner's name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia

Promote the manufacture of car cages in our workshop

We see its commercial activity by carrying out a restoration and painting work, providing a special finish for its production.

🔸 Carpentry

Business name:Creaciones Lp Lampro
Owner's name:@Pedro3681
Business address:Anaco, Anzoategui, Venezuela

Order: Boxes with handle - cup holder trays

Order: Pine wood bases

They show us in detail the elaboration processes of their products through step by step and final result, achieving an excellent production for their clients.

🔸 Pastry shop.

Business name:mvcookies
Owner's name:@mvchacin
Business address:Carúpano, Venezuela

Choco chocolate chip cookies Promotion back to school)/ Accept Payment via Steem and SBD by @mvchacin

They show us an extraordinary production of chocolate chip cookies with the combo available for back to school after pandemic time.

Business name:usaha rumah tangga (URT)
Owner's name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh-indonesia.

Business Activities // USAHA RUMAH TANGGA (URT) ||Promote cork cheesecake

They show us the production of a delicious cheese cake prepared with typical products from their region, achieving an excellent final result.

Business name:Heidy Pastry
Owner's name:@heidyps2
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Heidy Repostería / Creole Sweets Series / "MAJARETE

They start a series of typical Creole sweets from their region, starting with a delicious fruit such as the coconut characteristic of their region.

Business name:Vickycake20
Owner's name:@veronicaparente
Business address:Anaco, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Order report week 04 to 10-10-2021 📊 Tricks to make the Drip.

We see how your business stands by producing different types of products for your customers, varying taste and decorative textures.

🔸 Distribution and Sale

Business name:Kaymoor shoes
Owner's name:@janemorane
Business address:Peshawar , Pakistan

Kaymoor Shoes | Post #7 | Comfy and Reliable shoes for Everyone | Special Discount prices

We know in detail the products offered to their customers through beautiful photographs and a breakdown of price in general with characteristics of their supply.

Business name:Online Shop
Owner's name:@pecintabunga20
Business address:Tanah Pasir, Aceh,Indonesia.

Business Activity || Online Shop|| Back To Restock Hijab Voal Motif

We know the supply of your inventory by requesting and ordering with a breakdown of costs and products.

Business name:My business shop
Owner's name:@Zaheer123
Business address:Pakistan (mainwali).

Teamwork moves the business one step further

They show us in detail that they organize a work plan to advance in times of pandemic and their business are still standing. Showing that Copn business activities have come forward.

Business name:thezaraboutique
Owner's name:@sherazsultan
Business address:Pakistán

thezaraboutique | Our New Collection with free deliver all across the Pakistan

sheraz sultan show us in detail charming pieces of unique dress fabrics for their clients, breaking down some beautiful wholes.

Business name:Zain Karakri Store
Owner's name:@zainbabar
Business address:Hujra, Punjab , Pakistan

My karakri store, Variety of Glasses

They show us a wide variety of products available in stores to offer to their customers through sales, with a breakdown of prices.

🔸 Design and Confection.

Business name:Arsyila Tailor
Owner's name:@nurfiana
Business address:Indonesia

Promote some clothes that are trending right now and can accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD

We see beautiful products with the original design of your business, with perfect finishes and special combinations for your customers.

Business name:@Shanadesign
Owner's name:@Shanadesign
Business address:Medellin, Colombia.

Promotion of garments for sale. | By: @Shanadesign

We know how you can design and perfect garments, turning them into a trend with your personal stamp.

🔸 Supply of sports equipment.

Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Reaffirm your glutes - With what resistance and color do you want to train?

Why does promotion help us? - Sale of fluorescent bands 150 Lbs

We see a first-rate article showing us how to reaffirm our body muscles with resistance bands according to the weight and size of the clients, with a wide variety of colors and designs, we also see deliveries of their products as part of their expansión.

🔸 Aesthetics and Beauty

Owner's name:@danielacarvajal
Business address:Barcelona Anzoategui, Venezuela.

Acne, etiology, types, and more| By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

Dermaplaning, what it is and why you should have it done|By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

You see two techniques of skin care and disease prevention adapting this treatment as a daily routine, detailing its commercial activity..

Seeing the results of the work that we have been doing encourages us to continue in favor of the growth of the community, we must not fail to mention the importance of companies and enterprises within the blockchain when it comes to receiving steem as a form of payment. sustainable and well established for Advancement in general, we encourage them to continue to provide valuable and quality content specifying their business activities as in this way it helps us to grow and drive the Blockchain within the steem ecosystem.

To the new sectors that have joined this week, we warmly welcome you and invite you to follow all the internal rules of the community so that your content is supported not only with rewards but also with comments that add value to your work.It's time to grow. the future awaits us with the growth of the Blockchain.

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 2 months ago 

Companies remain firm in the need for empowerment, it is also good to see how new sectors enter.

 2 months ago 

We continue to work together for greater activity on the platform.

each company has its own tricks and advantages in playing a role in its business we will work hard to make dreams come true

 2 months ago 

A pleasure to be in the weekly summary.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for showing us the activities of the companies, congratulations to all.

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