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Hello my dear businessmen and entrepreneurs of #businessactivity, after a few long days of rest I returned again to continue showing you about my dessert and sweets venture.


How have you been? What's new?

I hope everything in your business is going wonderfully. And sales are growing like foam on my part, I had decided not to take orders for a few days, to rest and innovate. I am pleased to be able to show you a cake that I made for my husband's birthday. I did it for the first time. It is the cake that is in trend and it is called bonbon cake.

Bombón Cake.


The bonbon cake is a cake that is in trend, and it is a divine, as well as beautiful. Its coating is made of chocolate, it is like a bar of milk chocolate made into a cake. This time I prepared it with vanilla, but the flavor can be chosen by the client. Chocolate, Vanilla, marbled. Etc


It is a delicious chocolate-type vanilla cake, filled with arequipe and pieces of oreo cookies moistened with condensed milk syrup. An exquisite for dessert.

1.5kg cake cost


How can you see in the photo I crown it with my fabulous Swiss meringue. Top with chocolates, and silver pearls.

I had wanted to make this spectacular cake for a long time, I was studying it for a while and I decided to make it for the first time for the happy birthday of my beloved husband. And the truth was I was delighted with the result, and the guests enjoyed it very much.

And since I saw that I liked a lot at the party, I decided to try making them portion type and they were like that. A perfect combination of milk chocolate and stuffed vanilla cake 😍, A wonderful combination.


Chocolate cake price per portion.

3$0.423SBD4.939 STEEM


My latest sales:

Vanilla cake, filled with arequipe, pieces of oreo cookies and moistened with syrup. Topped with Swiss meringue. weighs 600grs



Three milks of 600grs.

A super delicious tres leches, I no longer have to describe what it is about because they already know it. 🤭

10$1.4SBD16.41 STEEM

Nowadays there are many people, including men, who want to start in the world of pastry. I know, because there are always many people writing who want me to teach them how to work and prepare the recipes. If you are one of these people, I want to leave you some advice so that you can get started in this wonderful world.


✨Start with what you have, be it a lot or a little, start with what you have at hand. Most bakers start this wonderful world with nothing and little by little with the profits from the same sales they buy what they need.

✨Do not be discouraged if your sales are slow, or sometimes you do not get sales, take advantage of those days of rest to practice recipes, read and study everything you need to know about baking.

✨BELIEVE ME, your sales will gradually increase, when you realize it you will have a very good client base and you will make many birthday children happy.

✨ Believe in yourself, trust your ability to create beautiful works of sweet art, even if you have had many failures, baking is trial and error, but there will come a time where you will feel proud of what you have achieved.

Don't think twice, get inspired, educate yourself, start as soon as possible. And it grows like foam with love I leave you these tips. See you in a next post, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in a comment and I will gladly answer you.

We accept payments in SBD and STEEM


Business name:@jessiescake
Owner's name:@felyess
Business address:Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela
About us:My presentation
 2 months ago 

Beautiful work friend, congratulations on your sale.

 2 months ago 

Gracias por tu visita. Bendiciones ✨

 2 months ago 

Hello @felyess , thank you for sharing this delicious new dessert with the steemians of the world.

Many customers may request this dessert that should already be one of their favorites.

Thanks for the advice and the associated costs.

Many interest techniques, for the preparation of different cakes as the samples.

Please edit your title:

10% of the profits are for Business Activity

Because it wasn't set up for rewards, maybe in its next post.

We are grateful to him for always staying at the forefront.

Thank you for being an active member and for always being an empowered investor.


 2 months ago 

Hi @cindycam. Excuse me, I will edit it. It happened to me to do it. Thanks for visiting my post. Blessed day.

Hello @felyess long time no see we miss the cakes that you serve with many variants, thank you for sharing about sales and prices as well as good luck to your company

 2 months ago 

Hello, If she was missing but I came back to continue sweetening her days with my posts. Greetings ✨

Muy bonita todas sus creaciones y estoy segura que en sabor igual a como se ven en las fotografías, que bueno volviste repotenciada, saludos y bendiciones.

Hello @felyess, it's good that you're back to show us your delicious recipes and all your commercial activities, we are pleased to see the work you show us with a breakdown of costs established by your local currency and that of steemit.

 last month 

Everything looks super delicious, and very tempting to look at, I congratulate you.

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