In Memoriam - Mechanoreceptor- Chaos Excursions

This weekend i got the terrible news that Ryan, the artist behind Mechanoreceptor has died.

Therefore i decided that i would write this underrated albums blog article on hive, as an In Memoriam

Trough the years Ryan became a good friend of mine, and we co-operated on several projects, like Kult, Compilations, Videos Dance 4 Syria

Ryan was a long time KULT Rpg player, and therefore the initiator and driving force behind the official soundtrack(s) for the Kult Divinity Lost game

When you listen good to the Mechanoreceptor debut album, Chaos Excursions, you hear what an amazing talent Ryan actually was ...

His music had certain strokes of genius, and he was not so fortunate that he recognized that himself.

Ryan was one of those haunted musicians, he was struggling with the huge ups and downs that some creatives have.

And because of these struggles, he went trough deep depths, he would travel trough the nine halls of hell, desperately seeking for that missing touch of beauty and perfection that could would finish and perfectionize his art.

Ryan and his music will be greatly missed, not just by me, but also with many of his fellow friends and producers, his fans and followers

rest in piece my friend, i am gonna miss our talks and working together

And if you just liked what you hear, buy the Chaos Excursions album , help us make it go viral, his family needs all the support they can get.

And If you are touched by his music and story,

his sister in law, created a go fund me

this is what she had to say ...

My sister Corrina Lawson lost her beloved husband of 20 years, Ryan Northcott, this week. His death was greatly unexpected and has shocked Corrina, their two children and our entire family. In the days and weeks to come, Corrina and the girls will need help and support as they try to heal from this sudden tragedy. Unfortunately her husband didn’t have life insurance or savings. With this loss, the financial challenges are overwhelming for my sister and my beautiful nieces. The family needs assistance with cremation, with finding a new place to live, and in addition to all of these stressors they are also facing financial hardship due to losing half the household income. Furthermore, they will need to find child care services now that no one will be able to supervise my 9-year-old niece through the day.
My oldest niece had been excited to attend college but will likely have to put this on an indefinite hold in order to assist in providing for her mother and her 9-year-old sister. The rest of our family are doing all that we can, but given the severity of these circumstances I'm reaching out to any of our friends here who might be able to offer some relief to them as well. It's going to be an extremely rough road ahead of them, so every bit of help in getting them back on their feet will be most appreciated. No amount is too small to make a real difference in their lives. Thank you in advance for your generosity.