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I hope I am well by the grace and grace of ALLAH Almighty. I am doing well at home with all your prayers and grace and grace of ALLAH Almighty. I will do something that you have rarely seen.Which is the glory of Pakistan and the most famous and recognizable of the city of Lahore, so today I am taking you to Shahi Qila Lahore.So today I'm going to take you through this tour and tell you about its features so I hope you enjoy it a lot so stay with me and let's get to the post.

Shahi Qila Lahore

Lahore Fort, commonly known as the Shahi Fort, has been admired since ancient times. It is located in the most famous city of Lahore, Pakistan, and is located in the northwest corner of the city.This construction was done by Akbar Azam, which is an ancient tradition of the Mughal Empire.The Mughal Empire did a lot of work in its city and is one of the most famous kings of its era.It is divided into several parts such as Badshah Begum's palace, mosque, royal bath and kitchen and also has caves.
When we entered the Shahi Fort, there was a ticket house in front of us was In front of it there was a big gate which you see in the picture which was very beautiful and very much carved.And after that we were inside it which is very beautiful and like you, we saw a lot of things and the most beautiful thing to see is Shesh Mahal.We also took quite a lot of pictures which I shared with you guys and walked around a lot, but still some things I'm very keen to see.

Shesh Mahal

It would not be wrong to say that the most special thing about it is that it is very beautiful and carved in Shesh Mahal.This huge one was specially made by Akbar Azam for his Begum and it was made for her special gift.And the most special thing about this fort is that all its walls are made of very precious stones and glass, hence it was named Shesh Mahal.And after seeing it, we were pretty much left thinking that it was all beautiful even then.
We also had a little bit of time because we had to eat, so we left to go back.So, I have made a picture of the return and I will share it with you guys. It is very beautiful.

On the way out, I have presented a glimpse with you guys, which is more fun if you have enough time to visit this very beautiful fort, but I had very little time because it was evening had been.I have shared some of his memories with you guys and after that we went straight to the food shop.

Food Time



After visiting the fort I went straight for food as it was very busy.Because it was very tight, after a lot of walking you get very very very heavy, but I got very heavy.For this we have some biryani etc girl and some snacks and some cold drink.We ate to our heart's content and after eating we went straight to the house. It was a lot of fun, so I have shared more with you guys. You will have a lot of fun reading it.

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Thank you for sharing your post in this community, they are really interesting places to discover the world

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Thank you so much 🥰🥰💞


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