Following in the footsteps of trail biker adventures

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Hello loyal friends of the travel community! How are you guys on this sunny day? I hope you are always healthy and also always make it easy for your activities to seek sustenance, friends. This morning I will tell you an old story that is still stored in memory about a trip to a tourist spot in North aceh by using a trail bike. This trip was very exciting because we had to stay in the middle of the road which was decorated with palm trees, here I, as a photographer, was ready to capture every moment made by the raiders.

Someone's happiness when his hobby can be channeled properly. Therefore, look for hobbies that do not harm other people so that we can always be side by side to carry out our hobbies. Thanks to all steemit platform friends, and always success for all of us.



On a sunny morning the raiders were released in the town of Lhokseumawe to go to a village, namely the village of Simpang Kramat, this was the route made by the committee. This route is quite difficult to pass by trail bike, it is an obligation for comrades in the committee to make the route as extreme as possible so that the raiders feel more challenged by the route made by the committee members. So here, as a documentation team, I have to go through a different path, that's because the path the raiders are following is not suitable for driving cars or non-standard trail vehicles.


At certain posts I stop to wait for some raiders so I can still get a moment of the raiders in action. However, on the first day the raiders were still very healthy so they performed many attractions that almost made our hearts stop. But this is only half a day. It's understandable that the raiders are mostly adults who already have 4 heads or gentlemen who are 40 years and over.


The raiders who were overwhelmed immediately took an alternative to go to the check point posts to rest for a while while enjoying the provisions they had brought with them. Here I stop at a point where I think there will be moments when the raiders will take action when they see a path like this. Finally I and some of my friends took a position to be able to capture images with a very good position. The hot sun made the raiders very happy when they saw the paths with puddles. Let's take a look at some of the pictures I shared when playing in the water.

Regards @abdrahman08

 10 months ago 

Are you an advanced photographer? Your pictures are looking very professional. You can add technical details on your publications for the presented pictures. Receive my regards from Venezuela.

yes, I'm pursuing a job in the field of photogaphy. I will do it in the next post. Thank you for your input. Greetings back from Indonesia

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