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good night steemian all wherever you are on this occasion I want to post an event for Indonesian planting day

The establishment of the Indonesian Tree Planting Day cannot be separated from the awareness of the importance of preserving trees in order to prevent the impact of climate change which is now the concern of many parties. With the balance of nature, various disasters in the future can be prevented for the safety of mankind, which coincided on November 28 yesterday, including in Aceh.

Trees provide many benefits for human life because one of them can absorb existing air pollution. The Technical Instructions for Planting Air Pollutant Absorbing Tree Species published by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2015 states that 1 hectare of green open space filled with large trees can produce 0.6 tons of oxygen for 1,500 residents/day.

Rice is not a tree that produces oxygen, so to commemorate the tree planting day, some local people while planting trees also plant rice for the event to commemorate the tree planting day.





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