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Assalam U Alaikum steem family

How are you all? I am fine by the grace of Allah. May God protect you all from evils Aameen

Today I am sharing the Smokey Mince recipe.

Smokey Mince

ready qeema.jpg


Beef mince---1 kg
Dried Kachar Powder---2tbs
Coriander Powder---2 tsp
Whole Spice Powder---3 tsp
Cumin roasted---2 tbs
Black cardamom crushed---6
Salt---1 tsp
Black salt---1tsp
Red Chili Powder---4 tsp
Ghee---4,5 tbs
ginger garlic paste---2 tbs
Yogurt---1 cup
Coal---1 piece


In a food processor add Mince and all spices and blend it well rest it for 3,4 hours


qeema mixing.jpg

In a wok heat oil and add some sliced onion and fry until brown

qeema pre.jpg

Add ginger garlic paste and saute well


Add marinated Mince and cook until color changes and add water cover and cook on medium flame for 20 minutes


Add yogurt in the mince and mix well cover and cook again for 10 mins

add dahi.jpg

Give a coal smoke for 4-5 minutes

![kachri qeema.jpg]

Cover it completely and rest it for again 5 minutes


Tasty Smokey Mince is ready

ready qeema.jpg

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