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Assalam U Alaikum Steem family

How are You all? I am fine by the grace of Allah. Stay safe and healthy In this hot weather and pendamic

We have a party at home so I made party food for at least 35 people First I am sharing dessert recipe and next I will share the main food recipe. we call it kheer its made with only 3 ingredients but taste is superb.




Milk---7 litre
Sugar---5 cups
Green cardamom---5,6 crushed
Rice---3-1/2 cup (soaked)
Almond, pistachio,coconut thread for garnishing

Take 7-litre milk (3.6/100%) In a wok add mil and crushed green cardamom 5,6 and bring it to boil


Add 5 cups of sugar I used brown sugar


Take 3 and a half cups Basmati rice and soaked in water for 15 minutes then add in boiling milk

rice pop up.jpg

Boil it continuously and stir it with a spoon continuously until its remain half in quantity (max 2,3 hours)

Turn off the stove and mix it with a hand blender

blend kheer.jpg

Mix it until it becomes smooths Turn on the heat again and cook it for 15 mins take out in dishes and garnish it with sliced almond, pistachio and coconut thread

serving kheer.jpg

I hope you like this recipe

Thank You For Reading My post


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